Sales force automation software (SFA)

FForce is a Field Sales Excellence Platform, which a company can deploy to plan, monitor and extract details on key performance indicators (KPIs) in a cost effective & efficient manner.

The Sales Force Automation software (SFA) offers pre-defined levels of access to the information for the field force, after strict verification, from anywhere, at any time and using any device online or from mobile. To manage the geographically dispersed and huge field force, a Manager is deployed, whose task list includes the jobs to submit the calls, keeping a detailed record of all the field team members, creating their schedules, assigning tasks, track them, assess their performance, manage account and contact information and monitor their coverage. This is fully dynamic, mobile and tablet supported tool and can be accessed from iPad as well as Android devices.

Sales automation

plan your action

Plan of action

“Field Force Management is an umbrella term for the roles & responsibilities of Managers with a team force out in the field.” It can be beneficial not only to an individual but to the entire business. The current sales trend is in cloud which puts both field members and managers on their toes. Data need to be available at your fingertips always. A sale can happen anytime. So, a well-planned day with the right information can guide you to see better business days than ever.

  • Get started with an appropriate foundation, a streamlined goal
  • Take every task step-by-step
  • Prioritize the time you spend on each task
  • Adopt a proper strategy, save your resource in adventuring on any trial and error methods
  • Every action must have a metric
  • Communicate the right plans with the right team member at the right time
  • Identify obstacles, if any
  • Attain your goals

Product briefing

Sales Force Automation (SFA) has been designed to help you to easily and efficiently manage your various products. FForce include features such as Field force location, distance traveled, call logs, Meetings, attendance, expenses & various other activities and interact with them in real time.

Field Force is all about keeping your company ahead of shifting market dynamics by rapidly developing and evolving new sales models around physician access and detailing channels. It’s very important to develop physician trust and confidence around all aspects of the pharma business. This helps management review on the fly performance analysis.

Product briefing
Hierachy management

Hierarchy management

Sales Force Automation (SFA)-Hierarchy Management features allow every organization to have a pre-defined demarcation of authority, duties, responsibilities, policies and communications allowing every member involved to become an expertise in their role. This promotes better and timely execution of work and ideas. Eventually the top-level directors can have a clean control of the business, when a feature like hierarchy management is deployed across sales, marketing, accounts and service can create a higher impact on businesses.

Ensure customer visit

“Ensure customer visit” is a feature from Sales Force Automation (SFA), which allows managers to track field force on the map in real-time to get complete insight of their operations. Managers can know exactly where the field employees are and at what time did they check-in with the client. The feature is also linked with calendar, summary and reports so that managers can also view visit status and analyze visit data to improve productivity.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools provide key insights into the effectiveness of messaging, materials, sales tactics and insights to medical reps on doctor prescribing behavior. It’s all about having the right data, performance management, and communication tools working for you as an enabler to meet Sales Force Automation in Pharmaceutical industry.

Ensure client visit

Power of customization

Report builder

Sales force Automation (SFA) offers various advanced reports that generates both online and offline. It also allows you to categorize reports and give accessibility based on department involved like; marketing, accounts, logistics, sales, service, finance and so on. Report Builder allows user to seemly construct, edit and delete the reports at any point of time. Report are based on the data that you have already created in your application and that are custom based which suits your needs.

Report builder
Custom Process Management

Custom process management

Process management is the base to any business. It defines the complete philosophy of the functionalities of any business. Process management need to be flexible with the changing needs of business. It is ultimately the values that will eventually make customers happy.

Administrative efficiency

expance management

Expense management

Sales Force Automation (SFA) consist of Expense management module in which the system can be useful for business to process, pay and audit their business spend. These costs normally include employee travel and other field expenses. Expense management systems can also be helpful to track record of sales costs, expenses incurred towards those sales. Field force members can now just request or put across their expense and travel plans with the help of this feature and higher authority can approve the same.

Inventory management

Inventory management software that takes care of inventory, purchase & sales orders and warehouses. It helps you to manage your stock, order, shipping, billing, invoicing, etc. easily and equips you to take informed decisions for your business activities. The feature lets you to track assets and inventory levels through automated inventory management function and update the stock level when orders are made.

Inventorey management
leave management

Leave management

A Leave Management system is an all-in-one platform that handles all employee vacation requests while ensuring smooth functioning of their operations. It allows you to track, manage and report on employee leave / absence across your calendar year. This system will automatically calculate the leave taken and determine the amount of leave remaining. You can also generate different types of reports to support your documentation requirements. Employee can also see his Attendance, Leave Balance etc. by this system.

Organizational development


E-Learning and knowledge management are the critical components of workforce, which allows you to expand your knowledge whenever and wherever. This cloud-based authoring tool that allows you create and share the knowledge & frame the Quiz to your devices. E- Learning includes various features which is automated for improving skills, providing training, calculating performances and in offering social learning.

Key perfomance index

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators, is a tool which use to measure how effectively we are achieving goals. It can be used within a company or a department how best to fine tune to achieve it core practices to achieve the best results. key performance index is used in core areas like revenue, cost production, productivity, customer satisfaction etc. Key performance shows, where the company is standing now and where it will be in near future.