Ensure customer visit

Know where your field employees are at any point of time is easier now with ensure customer visit

  • Are your customers visited on time?
  • Are you worried about your workforce productivity?
  • Do you want to know where your field employees are at right point of time during working hours?
  • Do you want to streamline workforce schedules?
  • Do you wish to have a bird’s eye view of all your field staff?
  • Do you wish to keep track of the scheduling capability for every customer?

Tracking and keeping check of your team members on every client visit is a very difficult task. It is a big challenge to be carried out to ensure employee productivity.

In spite of making tremendous plan and complete accountability framework, every manager will always look for that unique set of tools which will enable him/her to achieve operational efficiency, to measure, check, track time and attendance of all field force. Bringing technology to activate such strategy is the right choice. Tracking field force in real-time and knowing what they are doing is very difficult but with ensure customer visit managers can keep complete control over field activities.

Any time, when the field force is assigned a client visit, the system should track their location and seamlessly calculate the distance covered, clients closed and automatically synchronize it with their achievements, incentives disbursed by the company.

“Ensure customer visit” is a feature from FForce allows managers to track field force on the map in real-time to get complete insight of their operations. Managers can know exactly where the field employees are and at what time did they check-in with the client. The feature is also linked with calendar, summary and reports so that managers can also view visit status and analyze visit data to improve productivity. Without any coding or implementation, managers can have complete visibility of the field force operations.

Knowing where your field employees are at any point of time is easier now

With Web Dashboard and Geo Fencing, things have become much easier in this era. Our FForce system is designed in such a way to accommodate such technology in such a way, which enable every top-level manager to monitor their mobile workforce. Geo-fencing alerts on the user’s current location with the user’s proximity to their locations.

As a business head do you get to see the reality? easier now

Monitoring the activity of your team in field is one of the greatest challenges any business head would face. With business pressure getting high in every organization, you need to have a real-time system in your hand which will help you to allow field force to optimize visits to the right customer at the right time. You need to visualize the time spent by the sales team for different field activities. Capturing moments in the field in real-time is what exactly this section of FForce focuses. It allows you to keep a track of your field force regarding their client visits.

Whatever your industry sector is, FForce can be well suited to accomplish your company’s business goals. It is suitable for companies of any size and will help the entire employees to exchange information and co-ordinate in a more systemic way and that too in real-time. Field force can carry out their day-to-day activities more effectively and efficiently with FForce.

Track your workforce in real-time

Distance calculation helps in re-imbursement

Directing the field force becomes simpler and easier

Nil corruption in field

Cost saving

Helps in calculating productivity of an employee