Learning is a journey; enjoy a transformative new way of learning

eLearning and knowledge management are the critical components of workforce optimization which can bring myriad chances for a company looking to have a successful business journey. Customer service interactions need to be efficient and enhancing.

In order to support the achievement of critical service levels, many companies are today adopting a methodology and investing in a system which will let it push training modules and knowledge powers directly to the connected devices of the concerned person. By doing so, companies become more efficient helps it to enhance customer satisfaction to a great extent.

Workplaces are evolving now

Enterprise mobility is getting complicated day-by-day. It is the age of mobile office. Work is no more stationed in one office. It is on the go. Team communication and co-ordination are expected to happen anywhere and at any time. This set up has triggered the emergence of various enterprise tools, cloud-based management systems and online support services. It is an era of outcome based pay package rather than the routine eight hours working culture stationed in one place. This precisely points the need to have employees who are skilled and equipped with right knowledge and information.

If employees don’t have enough information about the products the company deals with, about the process and about the service, then it is difficult to survive. In this highly demanding business scenario, information about products, sales training on new products, service etc. need to happen through connected devices. To improve effectiveness on job, functions across all departments should be brought into close integration and move to cloud. This will help in improving functions from anywhere and at any time.

Advantage of adopting eLearning method for training and talent management

  • Opens up possibility for more participants
  • Engages users and offers quality learning
  • Anytime availability of training modules
  • Can be tailored
  • Training materials can be updated regularly at ease
  • Misplacement of files, copies etc. which happens otherwise with traditional paper materials will not happen here
  • Escape from the hassles of searching files for product details, or manuals
  • No more worries on costly on-site instructions
  • Forget costly paper publications which needs to be updated frequently
  • Saves cost and time

With intuitive navigation, learning becomes much easier with our eLearning feature. It is a powerful, yet simplified alternative to the cost and complications of traditional training methods. Such trainings can be undertaken even in those non-productive hours of a working day which does not steal away the employees’ time from their customers. Such automated learning is ideal for improving skills, enhancing retention rates, providing training, calculating performances and in offering social learning. The feature offers various integrated style of learning and even share selected offline product learning manuals with customers. The feature is designed to create, set and edit diverse training and development requirements.

Traditional learning methodologies are slowly getting replaced with tools that can handle the complexities of real-world demands. Businesses are becoming multi-skilled, multi-channeled and service oriented. Currently the focus is to align all metrics under one central function. There is a committed demand for highly talented workforce groups who can handle collaborative systems and can be productive on the go. Time plays a greater role here. Effective learning and talent management can help the front force to deliver greater customer satisfaction. eLearning from FForce comes handy to such connected teams.