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Plan your day with FForce! Plan of action

Field Force helps you streamline and automate your field and sales force operations by combining workflows and location-awareness – delivering measurable gains in the productivity of your field force and sales force processes. A Field Sales Management system helps any field service management company in managing their field team effortlessly and efficiently. It just gives you to move away from a concept of “one information fits all” to providing a more customized approach.

Field force automation systems are offering companies a consistent platform across almost all kinds of handheld devices including Smartphone and tablets by removing the hassle of manual paperwork and data entry. It helps you manage your entire field sales team by tracking their activities, travel, meetings, and more. It keeps you in the loop of everything you want to know and makes your field sales an efficient unit.

Field Force recognizes that field and sales force managers need to continuously track and engage with their teams, without burdening their schedules or adding administrative tasks.

It is all about organizing, automating and emerging without any pressure – your action will automatically transform into achievement if planned well.

Following a daily habit of jotted sales activity plan can be the most effective approach towards converting a fresh day into a successful business day. Yes, there can be days of exemption where a meeting sprouts up suddenly or an unplanned customer calls for a demo or your health goes for a toss. Those are exceptions. But roughly, on a whole, a month can be detailed well with tasks for every hour of a working day. That can be even for a discovery call. A day can well be detailed right from the moment you start working – can be even a call that you try during your walk time. Jot down everything that you plan. Understand your appointments and plan for the day well ahead. Include everything like – a discovery call, following up an email, a product demo, reviewing your sales forecast, customer meet, invoicing, anything like this. By doing so, you are sure of the activities that you have set as a goal for the day. It becomes easy to accomplish. Have a checklist for both planned and unplanned prospect and customer.

Once you are armed with information on an hourly basis, then there is clarity to manage your business more effectively.

“Plan of action” is a feature that lets you to handle your day-to-day sales activities in an organized way where you record your sales process. It keeps field force on track with right information and guidance that is required to close a deal. It allows you to plan all of your working days in a month in an hourly basis.

Begin with a strategic objective with FForce sales automation. This simple system power packed with effective tools and features help you to be more organized with your sales, business and your customers. It easily equip you and your team members with right processes, resources, tools and intelligence to enhance revenues and retain customers for a lifetime. FForce lets your sale to be more collaborative, informative, profitable and all on the go.

Increase productivity and have more visibility into your sales pipeline with FForce – managing accounts, contacts and opportunity becomes so simple. FForce – make effective use and see better sales