Inventory management

Inventorey management

Inventory management software with cloud computing and mobility

FForce extends beyond traditional CRM by integrating inventory management functions with sales related modules.

  • Quickly and flawlessly do your inventory operations without altering your day-to-day sales activities
  • With real-time sales invoicing, shipping, order procuring, etc, your inventory gets updated automatically
  • Flash real-time reports on inventory counts to all orders, sales, invoices and other areas of sales
  • Instant alert or automatic notification on low stocks
  • Optimize supply chain
  • Share inventory information instantly
  • Provide complete visibility to all users
  • Manage and report your inventory at ease

Just relieve yourself from all operational hassles pertaining to inventory. FForce Inventory management software lets you to manage your stock, order, shipping, billing, invoicing, etc. easily and equips you to take informed decisions for your business activities. The feature lets you to track assets and inventory levels through automated inventory management function.

Traceability is a key factor

Sort out all your inaccuracies in keeping track of your stock by using our simple and easy inventory management system that lets you have complete control of your products and meet the demand of the supply chain. It gives you a complete visibility and help you to reconcile all inventory imbalances thereby automating your supply chain without error.

Whether your company is big or small; serving any industry, the need for a proper automated inventory management system is equally important. Understanding logistics is very important in all line of work. If supply is not ready, if your stock is showing lower quantities than your order, then your business may get interrupted affecting the overall performance of your company. Supplier and sales front need to have a thorough understanding of the stock level and update them time-to-time in order to maintain a smooth flow.

It is difficult to keep an eye on details regarding to the product name, price, availability, etc manually on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, certain goods have expiry which needs careful attention and understanding of stock levels. Using FForce inventory management tool, one can easily adopt certain techniques to reduce cost and efficiently manage inventory.

FForce inventory management feature is liable to track and manage various activities of inventory effectively with timely inputs from users.

Key benefits are

  • Efficiency and speed
  • Automated information
  • Data instantly updated
  • Continuity in service
  • Reduction in cost
  • Effective management of the stocks
  • Access and control inventory on move
  • Maximum ROI

FForce offers a secure, comprehensive, real-time solution that can help you to make better and smarter and informed business decisions. It offers all tools to track, organize, capture and retain customers and have a life time business relationship with them.