Key performance indicators (KPI)

Key perfomance index

Calculate and fortify your success with FForce key performance indicators

Key performance indicators are the key elements that create value to your company. It acts as a prime component in order to understand a company’s progress towards its vision and mission. They are both financial and non-financial indicators that many businesses use today to measure their performance. Continuous measurement is essential in order to show continuous growth in business.

To know where you stand, you first need to have a systematic and standardized process within your organization. Segment your organization and enroll each segment into the formula of performance measurement. Key performance index will clearly indicate where the company stood in the past, where it is standing now and where it will in the near future. It allows one to judge whether what was planned has been accomplished or not. With key performance indexes you can track your success and make the difference.

Measure your success

Don’t get frustrated with the same old method of taking new measurements based on new reports created from the same old familiar data. Yes, it does not offer any new insight. With Key performance indexes you can measure your success towards your company’s objective. Every department in an organization can have their own set of specified Key performance index.

For example for field force team in sales; it can be

  • Flow of lead
  • Prospective clients created from the lead
  • Conversions
  • Revenue numbers

Mostly in any business, key performance index is used in prime areas like; revenue, cost reduction, productivity, customer satisfaction and so on. It is a comprehensive analysis and offers a clear review of the business. The metrics provides an understanding of the position of the business and also the factors that contribute to the development of the business. Every business should have anywhere between four to ten key performance indexes which are logic when aggregated and then reported at the end level. With changes or development in strategies and objectives over the time, there can be few variations in Key performance indexes too.

Check the progress of your business and endorse accountability

Key performance indexes allow users to understand the strategies adopted by the company and the potential to achieve them. Comparing metrics over the time is considered to be a prime factor in corporate reporting. It can even have feedbacks which are extremely valuable where one can judge why a particular business went to the outside peer group.

Measure evolution against each element of your strategy with Key performance indexes

FForce allow you to measure several elements. It allow you to find the right KPI which will help you to drive a more successful business. For sales force, it gives a bigger picture of the driving force and acts as a method to track your achievement. It helps you to be accountable for meeting goals and targets.