Field Sales Information System (FSIS)

Field Sales Information System (FSIS) is a comprehensive platform to manage all your field sales information. It is an interactive graphics designed for mobile devices. Field sales management software enables you to effectively manage the prospect interactions and customer data. A modern sales team needs to be closely collaborate and communicate easily. The mobile sales app enables the sales mobility feature – your sales entire sales vertical remains connected and accessible from anywhere at any time.

It’s a complete mobility solution designed and built to deliver the richest experience of data for mobile users. The cloud-based system accelerates your decision making and organizes your field operations to create better outcomes.

Sales Insights

MIS and Reports

Sales Analytics

Field Sales Information System consist of graphs and charts that gives the sales team real time insights of the sales, happening on the field. It keeps them informed and motivates them to focus on the target that they need to achieve. Some of them are:

  • Territory wise Sales Achievement
  • Customer Sales Trend
  • Product Performance
  • Brand Contribution
  • Team Achievement
  • Brand Sales Trend
  • Territory Contribution
  • Primary vs Secondary Sales
  • Secondary Stock
  • Growth contributors
  • Sales Snapshot


FSIS comes with various add-ons like Dashboard that shows the analytics, Widgets that represents Sales information in devices, Notifications on various sales information to different users as well as Lock Screen Messages that helps to deliver timely sales information to users.


Mobility Solution

Users Accessibility

Users & Accessibility

FSIS is easily accessible over Android Smartphones & Tablets, iPhones & iPADs. Hence, it is readily available to the users with the latest and updated sales information.

Various users of the organization like Sales person, First Line Managers, Second Line Managers, Business Unit Managers etc. can access their sales information. A sales person can view his own sales whereas a Manager can view the sales of his entire team. He can also have Territory wise, User wise sales information which is beneficial to him.