Expense management

expance management

Expense management software with automation of business expense report, control and visibility for finance, and usability that employees love!

  • Track your true cost of each of your sale
  • Crystallize your vision of expense management

Field Force members can now just request or put across their expense and travel plans with the help of this feature. Higher authorities can easily now approve and monitor their team members’ travel and expense in just a click right within FForce. Managing expense and travel has now become so easy and hassle free with FForce expense and Travel management module.

Every sale is judged whether it has brought profit or has ended up in loss net to net. An escalation in sales number will not be encouraged if the consequence of those sales is in lesser profit. By keeping track of your sales costs, expenses incurred towards those sales can help you and your team member to set a channel and budget.

What type of expenses can be accounted?

  • Direct expense or the fixed expenses
  • Indirect expense or the variable expenses

Have complete transparency and compliance to your spend

Every company today are trying to implement a global travel and expense management policy in order to keep track and have a check of all those high expense incurring sales which can only lead to less profit. Moreover, employees do not have much time to handle complicated filling up process of their expenses towards every sale they make. It is a daunting challenge for them. We have reached an era where such expenses are to be made simplified and accessible by the large team of sales front executives. Now a complete cloud-based CRM like FForce will let you transform to a different level of spend management system. Like any other critical corporate functions, even the travel and expense management are taking a larger role in every business.

Our expense and travel management feature seamlessly integrate with other modules of FForce which gives room for greater adoptability enabling complete visibility into employee’s expense management and policy compliance. The feature is designed to bring out a revolution in how you can manage your routine sales expense and travel plans.

Get a complete picture of the company’s total expenditure at all levels in just a few clicks with our expense and travel management feature from FForce. It just allows you to speed up your time-consuming expense and travel reporting. It enables you to have a complete attention to detail in a collaborative workspace. It is designed to act as a tangible business value for your enterprise.

expence management

Connect opportunities to expense in real-time

  • Whom are you meeting
  • How much you are spending to entertain your customer?
  • What is the cost of each sale?
  • Your travel expenses
  • Marketing expense for your sales projection
  • Want to get rid of hectic filling up process for your expense

FForce is an easy to use business tool. Its expense and travel management feature give you better insight to complete sales cycle expense picture in real-time in just few clicks. You can get going straight away with your travel intimation and planning with this power packed feature.

In this automated business arena, every process is managed by well-connected devices in real-time. Employee compensation and reimbursement is no exemption. Employees submit multiple claims and managing these claims and reimbursing them is always a challenging job. It is also risky as it can lead to errors, payment duplications, losing bills, and delays in payments. Move to a more paperless office with the help of FForce.