Report builder

Measure your company’s data with this power packed FForce report builder.

Create meaningful reports and dashboards in just a few clicks with our dynamic and self-explanatory report builder feature.

All you have to do is just choose a report type and format. You can then easily create a report with the data and even give accessibility to it. With the help of a visual editor, you can easily edit fields and filters and get meaningful information with complete customization. You can even use formulas to get some calculated values. Once you build a report, it allows you to view changes as an when data is fed in.

Reports once created can be easily downloaded anytime anywhere either in PDF format or in HTML or EXCEL file.

As a team leader or manager of a business unit, you are always excited to get a visibility on your team’s performance. In that case, this feature can be the right tool for you. Because, this feature functions as an interface and lets the users to create fresh and customized reports, dashboards and edit them or delete them at any time within few seconds.

Now create and share reports easily with FForce report builder

This section of FForce allow users to create logic-based reports on their requirements. It allows reporting on multiple objects and gives the flexibility to control the number of views and right to view. You can even choose to summarize information.

Is there any restriction?

Yes, you can only create report to the data that you can access. This is one of the major advantages.

Extend your reporting, tracking and planning capability with FForce report builder.

FForce offers several advanced report generating options both online and offline. Today, every business runs on certain basic calculations of your past achievements and predictions for the future achievements. There is a high level of demand for complex calculations, utilization of multiple data from different sets. Having such high demand information always ready is crucial. With very less or rather nil programming knowledge, one can easily generate advanced report using report builder feature from FForce. It allows users to seamlessly construct, edit and delete reports at any point of time. Not only view, but the feature allows the users to email created reports right within FForce. It allows even to categorize reports and give accessibility based on department involved like; marketing, accounts, logistics, sales, service, finance and so on.