Product briefing


Adapt to changing dynamics

Having a complete detailed history of your product within your FForce will let you to enjoy an advantage over competition by giving your customers access to critical information while on move too. This will help you to provide service instantly and also help customers to take a call quickly.

  • Pursue a differentiated strategy
  • Sustain accessibility to your products
  • Drive market creation
  • Unfold multiple opportunities
  • Explore non-conventional models for coverage

Identify and explore even the untapped opportunity by having a clear and updated product briefing always ready for the customer. All you have to do is to work towards adopting those actions that will help you to drive accessibility and acceptability. You need a model that will help you to collaborate with a broader set of information to enhance sales funnel. FForce has been designed to help you to easily and efficiently manage your various products. Extremely transparent and calculable workflow; sales team can work from anywhere; completely digital approach; planning and dashboard as per the level of the team member; powerful integration internally; complete history of the product, customer, sale, business all at just one click.

A Field Sales Management system helps any field service management company in managing their field team effortlessly and efficiently. It just gives you to move away from a concept of “one information fits all” to providing a more customized approach to link product briefing with the customer segment with the help of “Product Briefing” feature of FForce. This feature will help every sales member to input and update details and automatically share them across the prospective customers via FForce. This way you can effectively align resource to them and extend a truly integrated approach that can drive your sales performance.