Leave management

leave management

Why automating leave process is critical?

Many of the organizations in the past have incurred heavy loss due to lack of knowledge or error in managing leave efficiently. Effective leave management system plays a very key role in every business as paid time off has a high-level financial impact on a company’s bottom line. Earlier, leave sanctions were majorly taken care of the line managers or the HR department who use to manually keep track and calculate payrolls based on leave taken. Generally giving priority to this kind of work takes a back seat or rather ends up with huge errors. Effective automation of the entire process could lead to better productivity and cost saving.

Get your leave sanctioned within minutes with this paperless, real-time, feature from FForce. No more wait time. Punch in your leave and get that sanctioned from your higher authorities without any hassles. Automate your leave management process and improve productivity with this simple and yet powerful feature from FForce.

Now it is easy to

  • Manage employee absence
  • Calculate leave accruals
  • Get track of productive working days
  • Integrate leave with calendars and all other applications
  • See who is on leave in just one click
  • Retrieve leave data for payrolls quickly
  • Save time and confusion

Managers can now easily keep track of

  • Who is on leave?
  • How many sick leave a particular employee has availed?
  • Who is not following the leave policy?
  • Who has got nil leave balance?

The feature acts as a central place and empowers all managers and employees to self-manage leave process and information with ease. So, don’t get stuck with your old traditional methods to manage leave.

This kind of automation drastically reduces administrative burden too. Managers can track leave and absence data of all employees easily and take informed decision.

What can you do with this feature?

  • Apply leave online directly
  • Approve leave online
  • Track leave instantly
  • Manage time-offs
  • View leave balance
  • Generate reports
  • Save time and cost

FForce leave management system lets you to customize your leave types and holidays and configure them in context with the area and geographical placement of your business unit. Get into a routine of paperless activities. All leave requests are routed to the next reporting managers and they can approve or deny in just one click. Above all, it allows you to generate comprehensive reports based on the actual. Any time, you can get visibility to area wise attendance, department wise productivity and so on. Also, scheduling important meetings, tasks etc. can be done based on the availability of employee on a particular day.