How sales force automation software enhances the human connection?

How sales force automation software enhances the human connection?

One of the most interesting aspects of working in sales is consistently straddling the line between art and science. As sales has evolved, the “science” part has come to mean more specifically leveraging technology to enhance the process. Sales force automation software has a dramatic impact on the way sales are performed. According to recent study salespeople using an automated solution increased their talk time by 88 percent and had 15 percent higher contact and conversion rates than their peers. Sales automation has indisputably made salespeople more efficient, but some people worry that outsourcing too much to a machine can make sellers impersonal and therefore less convincing for potential buyers.

The danger of a blind reliance on sales force automation software is obvious. If salespeople lean heavily on generic email blasts, for example, they risk frustrating and alienating buyers. They also might become complacent and lose important skills like critical analysis of prospects’ pain points. The true power of sales force automation software lies in harnessing the benefits of automation (science) without losing the advantages of human connection (art). By implementing these solutions strategically, salespeople can not only retain their ability to form relationships with prospects, but also enhance it.

Timing is an extremely important component of sales success. Sales force automation software helps salespeople keep up with buyers as they transition through the different stages of their journey. Software helps increase the chances of making an initial connection and ensures you maintain the relationship with consistent touch points.

After the initial connection is established, the sales process becomes a matter of shifting an acquaintance into a real relationship. Sales force automation software can increase the quality of engagement with better buyer insights. Technology helps develop contextual conversations at different levels to build meaningful relationships.

Once your reps have connected with someone from a target company, it’s time to drill down into how that person buys. If a connection is made with a manager or a director level, sales force automation software arm your sales force with the right content to connect with each customer at each stage of the buying process. For a more personal touch, technology can pull personality information to make each connection even more individualized. Hence by adopting sales force automation software you can enhance your personal connection with your customers.