Digital Content accelerates Digital Marketing

Digital content is the new gold for the businesses now a days. As the world is flourishing every minute in the matters of technology, a thing which has remained same over the years is engaging content. Be it a small business or megacorporation, quality content marketing has always been a key to audience centric attention. It leads more customers when marketing is informative and appealing. A subjective strategy directs the consumers towards the brand establishment in their minds and builds trust. These contents are created in different forms such as images, videos, slides, documents, HTML, etc depending upon the customer’s behavior with regards to those forms. Each category can gain or attract different number of leads and, understanding these analytics becomes complicated without a functional specific module.

A recent study has shown that email marketing is 87 percent marketers’ first choice to disseminate their content which makes email the second most popular content distribution channel, just behind social media at 89 percent. In fact, email is so popular among marketers that email engagement is one of the top metrics to evaluate content performance. 86 percent of marketers say they look at email engagement metrics such as open rates, click rates, subscribe rates, interest rates, and even bounce rates to determine how successful a piece of content is. A comprehensive organizational structure demands a dynamic marketing automation platform which can be a helping hand in predicting the audiences interaction and strategize the campaigns while learning from analytics. FForces’ Digital Content Distribution module is a one stop solution to handle all such situations, connects with customers using a variety of mail services and gives the hidden insights. We shall now learn about the detailed crafts we do for making your email marketing the best one.

Organizations’ management can easily bifurcate the territories, employees sending out the emails and customers who are the recipients. Versatile content can be pushed while emailing after selecting the customers. Consent specification makes the module more personalized and secured with the addition of hierarchical approvals. Content can be pre-uploaded or can be customized on the fly which defines the dynamicity of the platform. Pre-registration of audience and bulk emailing is another course of action we provide to make campaign hassle free. The Analytics Reports avail the organization to study the reach and engagement of the contet.

Below are some major functionalities we provide to understand audience’s behaviour and manage your personnel:
  • Territorial Configuration
  • Customised Consent function
  • Approval Hierarchy
  • Pre-defined and Custom Templates
  • Role wise configuration
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Multiple attachments
  • Preview of emailer
  • Email Masking
  • Custom Time Format
  • Email Scheduler
  • Analytics Reports
  • Email Resubscription
  • Smart Resender
  • Available on iOS and Android