Market predictability with our data driven multi-tasker platform

Looking for the perfect methods to boost your sales? Here is how we can help you.

As Steve Forbes said, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”, We make an effort towards our client’s branding and inter-relations so they can endeavor their marketing goals. Each time business comes with innovative ways to keep themselves trending in the national or global market and for the reasons they always try to stand out of all. As we see, signage is a necessary component of any marketing plan which not only establishes an identity or brand but also attract numerous customers which can be commuters or passers-by. Types of signages varies from painting a wall, a whole store to advertising balloons and everything in between. To keep their customers flowing in, companies invest a significant amount of capital in all kinds of strategies and rolling in their team, franchises, vendors to bring it off.

Coming to the fact that all these entities being involved makes it a hassle for an organization to manage without an effective central digital solution. Facilitating with a dynamic platform, we are here to bring all your requirements together. Drive your business by integrating software and applications across cloud platform with an efficient scalability of real-time data exchange. Multiple platform integration includes one of the market’s leaders in ERP software that is SAP. We take care of your feasibility around different territories when your organization grows. Connecting with the businesses working on behalf of your organization digitally via MKT platform get the accurate hidden insights of the billing management.

A dedicated dynamic module for the business signage management comprises of team management, in-house approvals, record of the products and services provided, seamless experience connecting to franchises, 3rd party vendor management which in turn provides better accountability and profitability to the organization. The system breaks down the rates and offers as per your defined categories for linked franchises to track and facilitate it with better services each time which means the organization will always be up to date with their sales analytics and commercialization plans can be more precise. Customizable equivalent reports for every data an organization preserves are inbuilt with an increased transparency throughout.

Following are the list of functionalities we provide:

  • Integration friendly
  • Eco Friendly – Paperless
  • Available on Mobile as well as Web
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real Time request and service
  • PO Management
  • Track the status
  • Material Management
  • POSM [Point of Sale Materials]
  • Territorial Analytics
  • Records any signage of choice
  • Track the franchises’ revenue
  • Dedicated platform for the vendors
  • Equivalent reports
  • Dynamic rights for the team in organization
  • Complaint Management

The system, which is user friendly, customizable, and flexible that eliminates miscellaneous array of mismanagement will point out productive solutions and amalgamate organizations’ processes, platform/data, and people to boost revenues and cross-organizational collaborations.