Conduct tailored, multi-channeled and valuable trainings in the firm

Equipping the employees with diverse skills necessary to pull off the projects will make them confident in their abilities, gives job satisfaction, and organizations can rely on them for completing the tasks individually and in teams. An efficient training’s outcome will require less supervision which increases overall productivity and improves morale of employees. A survey said, Gen-Z is more inclined towards digital/virtual training while others were comfortable in In-person trainings. A big picture of all this suggests that organizations conduct trainings, some of them organise programs others believe in routine inductions. While bringing off it requires an effective communication rule which includes feedbacks too.

Simply facilitating personnel with trainings does not conclude the results, the reason being global giants work on results, statistics, and facts to keep themselves up-to-date and improve their work of action. Analytics is the most useful invention done for the world which comprises of data more than people existing in it. We provide end-to-end operations a company would ever need to execute their training with maximum efficiency.

Why should you consider us? The answer is to put together all these insights with rates and précised facts of the numbers; a need for well-executed software arises. We are here to provide a sleek and efficient field force assessment and training module which would help in evaluating their product knowledge and selling skills. Employee’s satisfaction is also considered while in training and rolling this in a module specific functionality makes us stand out. Meanwhile organisation can also include it in trainers’ key performance indicator and productivity can be therefore assessed.

Following are some key features we facilitate to make trainings easy:
  • Employee wise In-person detailing and evaluation
  • Virtual training assessment
  • Comparison metrics with previous training
  • Hidden insights
  • Territorial overall performance calculator
  • View the training data
  • Reports and analytics
  • KPI inclusive
  • Acknowledgment functionality