Personal Assistant of Field Force

We are living in an era of CCL where we all have a usual tendency to seek Convenience, Comfort, and Luxury. Our everyday battle includes small things with great significance: Quick interaction, weather reports, sports updates, email checking, scheduling tasks and making lists, finding the specific places, and much more. Amid such hustle and urgency, we literally wish there should be a dedicated assistant who can offer dependable guidance wherever and whenever we need. Similarly, the Field Force (FF) would wish for an assistant that can remind him of various activities, their targets to be achieved, alerts when behind the targets etc.

Massive thanks to today‚Äôs benevolent technology, as we have the most evolved Artificial Intelligence personal assistants in the market. Knowing that having a Personal Assistant is the superior way to make life easier, FF users having smartphone can now have many options that makes perfect sense to their routine activity. Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), FForce app can transform one’s world like never before.

FForce App acts as a Personal Assistant to FF which help them to perform their routine activities on time. Rather than providing analytics at the end of month, the App makes the FF follow their daily activity which ultimately increases their productivity eliminating the burden of managers to pressurize their sub-ordinates in completing the tasks.

Uses of FForce App as a Personal Assistant

  • Get regular alerts to meet customers as per targets
  • Notifications on sales
  • Alerts on various KPI values
  • Gets notifications on various stages of order processing

Get the FForce App to help your field force increase their productivity and focus on their sales.