Patient Relationship Management – The ultimate solution for connected healthcare

Patient Relationship Management – The ultimate solution for connected healthcare

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

These words are so apt. We all love to be recognized, and your patients appreciate it when you recall what health issues they have, what their children’s names are, what you discussed with them during their previous visit, and where they went for their vacation. This makes them feel like they are so important.

Patient Relationship Management (PRM) represents a healthcare version of customer relationship management (CRM).

CRM facilitates the interaction with current and future customers by leveraging information technology. It helps organize, automate and coordinate sales activities, and supports marketing customer service and technical support efforts.

Patient relationship management is about more than just healthcare issues; it’s about building a connection that leaves your patients feeling that you genuinely have their personal interests in mind. However, it’s pretty impossible to keep track of everything if you have several hundred patients. That’s where technology can help you. Remember the old box of patient card files on which you’d make notes? Now, keeping track is just so much easier with the various tools available to physicians as well as sales representatives.

The Challenge of Disconnected Healthcare
  • Are your patients having a chronic disease?
  • Do your sales representatives deliver the medicine directly to patients as per their dosage?
  • Do they deliver it timely or forget the dose of the patient?
  • Is your sales affected due to skipped dosage by sales reps?

Sarjens’ FForce solution helps to solve all these problems.

FForce’s PRM module not only can store all relevant information about each patient including their chronic diseases, allergies, but can also set up alerts to deliver the dose on timely basis, to identify critical changes in the patient’s dosages based on data input from one visit to the next – without having to do a manual evaluation.

If the goal of a company is to attract and retain patients, using this PRM module allows organizations to continually monitor patient perceptions of care delivery and make adjustments as needed. In addition, PRM can immediately identify patient relationship problems (e.g., extended wait times or rude staff behavior) and allow the organization reach out to the patient to explore potential remediation.

Benefits of Patient Relationship Management module:
  • A patient treatment follow-up system
  • Creates and maintain better communication with the patients rather than just a technological solution
  • Helps better understand and analyse patients
  • On-time dose delivery
  • Increase in sales
  • Complete history of patients
  • Various reports and dashboard showing patients medical status

The features of PRM module, provides more organized and systematic approaches to sales force-healthcare professionls-patient communication and overall retention for more involved and loyal patients. With a more stable patient base, enables practitioners to spend more time actually providing health services, leading to better health for the patients and increased financial security for the practice.