Digitization of Branding and Marketing – A vital solution for huge consumer market


Digitization of Branding and Marketing is a must for FMCG companies. FMCG companies are having businesses which are mostly consumer facing and hence every company wants to reach as many consumers as possible. The products sold are mainly mass products. In a country like India it takes huge distribution muscles & awareness creation to make a product successful. With this arises the need of Digitization of Branding and Marketing for FMCG companies on a large scale.

Branding is crucial for products and services sold in huge consumer markets. It’s also important in B2B because it helps you stand out from your competition. Your brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life; and works to position you as a certain “something” in the mind of your prospects and customers.

FForce helps in providing a Digitized solution on Branding and Marketing where the dealers can request for various branding activities and the requests goes to the respective field force for further process. These branding activities includes request for new boards, painting of boards etc. With this, it becomes easy to manage the activities and monitor the status of each of them.

Significant features of Digitized Branding and Marketing solution
  • Digitized solution for all branding activities
  • Helps to monitor the status of all activities
  • Single solution for all activities
  • Easy communication between field force and dealers
  • Effortless payment process for all activities