Product planning

Right from creating a concept till launching a product in the market, a systematic approach has to be implemented. It not only ends there. Once it is launched, it needs to be promoted and sustained to stay in the market too. This involves high level of planning, research and analysis with some real-time data.

Do you need to spend laborious hours in brainstorming about the products?

Whether it is goods or services that your company deals with, you as a manager or as a field force member should know to manage to bring those products to customers, to the market. You need a system which will help both sales and procurement department to effectively, function with complete co-ordination, use the product modules with respect to their department process and ensure complete differentiation of your product from your competitors.

Planning involves conception, development, launch and post-launch activities. FForce product planning software can transform the entire process involving the conception, development, launch and post-launch lifecycle.

The complete lifecycle of the product

Figuring out what exactly is attracting to customers helps in creating a new concept that best fits. Once concept is developed with appropriate research, case studies, the idea is shared with authorized members to take it further to the development stage. Product development team plans with vendors and dealers to bring the product under your company’s brand name. Once the product is developed or designed or procured, the sales team takes over the rest of the game. Launching the product at the right time, for the right audience, and with the right price tag is their responsibility. Once the product is launched, the sale is analyzed and effectiveness of promotional activities is observed to bring better products to the market.

FForce product planning software

Launching a new product, stepping into a new market and targeting a new geography are on one side. The other side is to manage your existing product. These two put together contributes to a complete planning of your product. FForce product planning software helps you in understanding the market, identifying your goals, define target audience, develop and test your new product, create a marketing plan and measure your results. FForce completely directs you through its various modules to accomplish this goal.

Modules related to product planning software are

  • Product analysis in real time
  • Customer preference
  • Pricing structure
  • Competitor information – specifically equivalent
  • Products and details
  • Material management
  • Report and dashboards
  • Product manuals
  • Promotional activates
  • Inventory tracking
  • Sales activities
  • Feedbacks