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Attracting new customers are costlier than retaining your old customers

Technology is affecting the way business functions today. Gone are the days where all functions were happening with the help of ledgers and files that occupied huge office space. Products were sold to customers whose minimal details were difficult to manage. Today we have moved to a more mobile work style. Organizations are looking to enrich their performance and enhance their process by saving time and cost with new functionalities and services. With just few connected devices, employees are at ease to show efficiency and bring enormous amount of profit to businesses and outstanding customer experience. Now every company has enough access to data about customers, their demographic positions, product preferences and even their social media posts.

Do you know each of your customers’ preference?

By knowing your customers well, you can provide them with a more personalized service and recommend products and services which they may be interested. Even sharing information related to their preference becomes easier. By using virtual, real-time data analytics, FForce helps you to understand and visualize your customer data well in detail.

Know your customer and create a trust; customer will automatically identify your brand

Every valuable customer interaction has its own significance. Your interaction with clients should also include a practice to allow your customers to voice their preferences. The more you allow them to interact, the more insight you get. This will help you to know their preference and aid you in offering a personalized and enriched customer experience. There are numerous ways to respond to customer preferences.

  • It is an advantage to know your customers’ preference
  • It is rewarding to satisfy your customers
  • It is not worth to compromise the likes of your customers
  • Maps the data with backend systems

Stop assuming what your customers prefer and go by the facts. Every customer believes a company to be genuine only when his/her voice is heard and reciprocated. Customers want to be truly valued by the company. So, every field force should make attempt to fit to customers’ preferences. This can be achieved by various ways;

  • Feedbacks – real-time, online, offline
  • Surveys about satisfaction, service, marketing
  • Questionnaire

All you have to do to get this done is use FForce. The platform has this feature integrated within which allows you to listen and respond to your customers. It directly puts you on the fast track to deliver an outstanding customer experience and have a competitive edge. Preferences are automatically updated in FForce and shared with other modules so that all related users can get the real preference of the customers that they are dealing with. Even it is flashed in reports and dashboards that help in planning.

Connect with your customers via FForce and get to know the real preference. This will aid you to deliver services as per their need. Its customer preference feature is fun and easy to use. With automatic response and displays that works with smartphones, tablets etc., you are now all set to send your surveys and questionnaires and get the results in real-time.