In clinic information(Data mining)

Data mining

Transform data into business intelligence with FForce!Data mining software

Extracting information patterns of raw data is essential in order to arrive at a quantitative list of leads that can be later converted as fresh customers or to better understand the existing customers. Large amount of data is the key resource for any business. In order to manage your relationship with your customers, any business needs to have correct information about them. These information needs to be sorted out in such a way that it can be accessed. Here, collecting data, organizing data and interpretation of data is the key for success. Data mining takes its role here. FForce is designed to accommodate this unique analytic tool that will help you to successfully sort out your data and make it more accessible and have that informational advantage.

Storing and managing data on customers and products

Shift through volumes of data to produce informational patterns. With data mining software, you can uncover those hidden information and discover the meaning of those data. For corporates, data mining can be of great help as it allows them to use the technology to optimize resources. Identifying the right essential data for your business helps you to establish, nurture and sustain customers for a long term relationship that can transform greater profitability.

FForce will let you to create database, analyze, select, target, nurture, and also use the metrics as business intelligence. Real-time analysis will help your company to understand what customers’ requirements are.

  • Data mining software will help to automatically segment and segregate customers within a given set of data.
  • Make accurate predictions
  • Find out who can respond to your offer
  • Select the right prospects
  • Generate high quality leads
  • Offer the right additional products to your existing customers

In short you can use this data mining tool from FForce to build your database, explore them, evaluate them and prepare for a model.

An example: In Healthcare industry

Patients spend a substantial amount of time in clinics waiting for services to be delivered by doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other allied health professionals. Medical advancements have made hospital stays shorter and outpatients settings have increased. In-clinic information is very useful for doctors, patients and healthcare workers. In clinic information can provide comprehensive information on the kind of medical diagnosis and treatment that a particular patient underwent. In clinic information contains specific information about medical conditions, doses, side effects, etc. to give the user information about the product.

In clinic information helps in the following ways

  • Spreading awareness and prevention about a disease or condition
  • It helps in spreading Dos and Donts
  • It helps in information as to where they can reach out for treatment
  • It helps is comforting patient and approaching doctor, rapport building. E.g. HIV affected patients,
  • It helps in patient- physician communication better
  • It helps doctors in clinical management apart from guiding and explaining to patients
  • It helps in patient treatment compliance and adherence enhancing treatment outcome
  • It helps is abetting false and fragmented information.
  • Establishes authenticity

In clinic information are through various form

  • Print media
  • Pamphlets
  • Posters
  • Questionnaire
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Models
  • Audio video clips
  • Patient’s experience
  • Case studies
  • Information through a key opinion leader or community leader
  • Through internet
  • Other sources

In clinic information serves as the cornerstone for building a strong healthcare system that ensures positive health outcomes and health equity. The rapid advances in medical technology continuously have been expanding the diagnostic and therapeutic options at the disposal of physician specialists who can provide them with the most up-to-date, information. Health Care centers provide a great opportunity to communicate, educate, and transfer information for overall patient benefit and better treatment outcomes.

FForce has this unique tool which can help you in doing relevant data mining possibilities for every industry.