Document management

Document management

FForce! Document management software

Document management has always been a major challenge for many companies as it involves storage, access and retrieval of vital information at any point of time.

In this digitalized era, document management is getting much simpler and easier. Imaging, storing and retrieval of documents etc in real-time is the real catch now. Approvals become easier here and managing complete documentation lifecycle becomes less complicated.

FForce document management is an easy to use platform which allows you to easily manage all your customer related documents, emails, product presentations, invoices, order, quotes etc. within FForce itself. Available on cloud, or on premise and in your smartphones and tablets, this facility of document management automatically enhances your productivity by saving time and cost.

Its flexible and all integrated feature lets you to see a fast cycle of procure to pay process time via its structured documentation facility. With cross-functional visibility and real-time co-ordination, there is a high chance of completing your task in a more streamlined way and increasing your productivity.

Advantage of document management

  • Seamless integration
  • Adding and retrieving documents in just a click
  • Instantly route documents for approvals
  • Management of the complete documentation cycle
  • Capturing information
  • Improve customer service by having documents at your fingertips

Processing of documents need to be quick to complete any sale deal. Forget the traditional method of filing, searching and misplacing documents which are keys for any transaction and record maintenance. Also eliminate worrying about cabinet space in your office. Right from acquisition, till approvals and storage all your complete document cycle can very well be managed with FForce document management software. With better intelligence you can make better decisions.

Go green, go paperless…

Yes, FForce document management software allows you to save cost on paper and time on searching filed documents in your cabinets. Managing all documents related to business has become much easier with FForce as it eliminates complications and facilitates instant on screen access to documents in just one click. Any time and at anywhere you can initiate a query and pull out all documents in just few seconds. It cannot go better than this.

Right from your employee documents, order documents, sale documents, booking documents, invoice, procure, accounts, finance, everything is online and accessible anytime via FForce.