Revenue management

No matter where you are on your revenue management journey, FForce! Revenue management software can help you go further.

Revenue management

FForce revenue management software combines a modern, intuitive user experience with enterprise-level functionality to help your organization manage the entire contract-to-cash lifecycle and enable efficient, accurate processes and accounting results.

Ease and efficiency begins with customer contracts

Easily create, approve, and track your customers and customer contracts to maximize visibility and minimize risk to your organization. The flexibility of FForce revenue management software provides support for various contract types, and integration with CRM systems gives you deep visibility into the full lifecycle of contracts—from initial quote through payment.

Better billing for faster collections

With FForce revenue management software, you can automate invoice creation based on your customer contract billing terms and schedules. Billing schedule flexibility allows you to automate complex billing processes for different types of products and services. Billing is independent from revenue recognition to ensure appropriate adherence with both billing and revenue guidelines.

Revenue recognition for today and tomorrow’s guidelines

Support and automate complex revenue arrangements while complying with current GAAP and IFRS guidelines. FForce flexible reporting tool can accommodate a wide range of disclosure requirements and meet additional reporting needs.

Facilitate compliance

The business process flow framework ensures appropriate personnel are involved in managing contract lifecycle events with all changes captured through strong amendment controls. An audit trail that documents all changes and adjustments—such as throughout the contract lifecycle—reduces audit costs and confirms compliance.

Actionable insight

Actionable insight helps optimize your revenue stream and accelerate cash flow. All transactions are immediately available in reports to provide real-time visibility. You can drill into relevant business dimensions—such as customer, product line, salesperson, region, and more—and take action immediately from within the same application.


  • Modern, intuitive user experience
  • Automated billing and revenue recognition
  • Easy integration with CRM tools
  • Stronger controls through business process framework
  • More accurate processes and accounting results
  • Global capabilities, including consolidation
  • Accelerated cash flow

Stronger reporting and visibility

  • Better visibility into collections and future cash flows
  • Detailed reporting and the ability to drill down by relevant business dimensions
  • Full auditing visibility