Returns management

Returns management

Effective sales returns and replacements management system is an inevitable part for business growth. FForce takes the pain out of handling returns by providing the user with a simple interface ensuring they have all the information they could need at their fingertips.

The sales returns and replacements management system lists all of the items on the order. As the user specified that an item has been returned, they will be asked for a return reason. Depending on the reasons to returns, the system will intelligently determine what needs to be done.

For example, if the customer returns an item and simply wants a straight forward refund a reason code of “REFUND” would be selected and the system would create a refund for the value of the product on the original order. Should the customer wish to exchange the item with an alternative product, then the system will create a “Replacement Sales Order” and will automatically determine whether the customer needs to be charged or refunded depending on the difference in price between the original item and the replacement item.

As the user completes the process, the system will automatically create the following transactions:

  • A refund transaction for the value of the items returned
  • A replacement sales order, where the customer wishes to replace the product either like for like, or with an alternative product

Where a replacement sales order has been created, the user will be landed in it and prompted to enter either a payment or refund in order to balance the Return. I.e. if a product is returned with a value of £10 and replaced with a product which has a value of £15 a £5 payment line will need to be created.

The stock returned by customer transaction will allow the warehouse staff to determine what to do with the returned items. Normally, this is done collectively at the end of a day / week / month etc. basis. The warehouse team will be able to specify whether the item should be returned to stock or simply scrapped.

By utilizing an efficient and easy-to-use sales returns and replacements management system, handling returns becomes more manageable, and streamlining your businesses becomes possible. So instead of considering product returns as sources of frustrations, you have all the more reasons to convert this into a better opportunity.