Price and scheme management

Do you have the best tools to run your schemes efficiently?

Price and scheme management

Let us supply you with FForce promotions and schemes management software

FForce specially designed to make scheme and offers handling an easier process for the manufacturer or national distributors. You can feed the scheme parameters like scheme concept, validity period, prizes involved, terms and conditions, etc. in the system and disseminate the information across.

FForce enables you to implement your scheme in the best possible way to ensure success and yet allow to control the administration with as little effort as possible. FForce promotions and schemes management software runs in the cloud, so can be used from anywhere, and can eradicate the necessity to have mountains of paper to back up your scheme. All data and information is immediately at your fingertips.


Increase foot falls ratio:

Providing lofty deals to visitor will force them to make short-term decisions. The decision of customers usually based on the price of the product therefore with reduced prices; customer might just be forced to make purchases even if they did not intend to do so.

Launch new product with minimum risk:

The principal companies prefer launching new products backed by a store-based sales promotion. Short-term sales promotional schemes enable retail to offer temporary displays of the products, price cuts and paid advertising, which could result in more sales and revenue with minimum risk.

Reduce cost and accelerate stock turn:

Discounting retail inventories of non-moving or slow-moving products, sales promotional schemes effectively liquidate the inventory and reduce the stock holding cost.

Uplift the sale:

It stimulate customers to try out different products hence creating more consumer choice. Since different items are on promotion every week, increased consumer choice results in growth in sale.

Elevate the profit:

Since the appeal of retail products is, to a huge extent, determined by price, sales promotional schemes enable companies to adjust the retail price of the product for short periods of time and with minimal price difference which resulted into increase in sales hence profit goes upward.