Order processing

Order processing

Streamline, automate and accelerate collection and processing of orders from different channels with FForce! Order processing software

By streamlining and automating your processes, FForce! Order processing software will allow you to significantly increase your order volumes, without increasing your costs.

Efficient processing and management of sales orders is vital to your better customer relation and business growth. Sales orders can arrive via fax, telephone or email, and processing them can be a costly, manual and time-consuming process.

If you process your orders quickly, efficiently, and correctly every time, you will not only generate revenue more quickly, you will also promote better customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business.

Our solutions can enable you to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share documents throughout the sales order process with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents. We can help you keep your customer accounts up to date and allowing you to stay on top of payments and credit control.

Challenges that you can overcome with FForce order processing software

Poor visibility

Multiple points of human intervention and order viewing sources result in limited visibility, and, in turn, slower processing times. FForce provides single platform for effective management of orders brings transparency that results in increased efficiency, predictability and profitability.

Low productivity

Manual order processing is slow and requires dedicated employees to do the job. Multiple steps of keying-in, distributing, filing and retrieving paper orders slows down processing and consumes time that could be assigned to more valuable tasks.

Order errors

A sales order system that operates manually opens the door for incorrectly entered data, missing information and lost documents. Reprocessing due to data entry errors or misplaced documents can inflate the cost of processing a single order by as much as 4 to 5 times the standard cost.

High costs

Manually keying in orders requires physical document handling and, as a result, documents need to be printed for manual entry into the ERP application. Implementing an order processing software can negate both added infrastructure costs and more work due to errors.

Customer service

Automated order processing software frees up staff to spend more time on customer service activities. With better visibility and access to documents, CSRs are better able to quickly and accurately answer order status inquiries and maintain good customer relationships.