Inventory management

The complete inventory management software for your business.

Inventory management

Inventory control is key to running a healthy business. From purchasing to fulfillment and everything in between, FForce inventory management software will help you to improve efficiency, gain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest jobs.

Easily manage your products, whether you have one SKU or thousands

Business need

Technology has given consumers the power to quickly and easily reach to the products they want. If your retailer doesn’t have the items they need, customers have no problem placing orders with competitors. For retaining the customer you need just-in-time delivery.

Solution overview

FForce, inventory management software is an affordable inventory control solution provide help in easily manage different products, different batches, different SKU’s, different prices with different expiry dates smoothly.

Our inventory management software allows you to categorize your products by name, type, brand, supplier, and supplier code, SKU, to easily build custom reports, perform inventory counts or coordinate with your demand.

Our cloud-based inventory management software provides real-time visibility into inventory, with anywhere, anytime access to critical information.

While all of these benefits are extremely useful, the real value of FForce inventory management software comes from the ability to integrate it with other business systems. For instance, real-time inventory information is vital for the financial, accounting, purchase, production, sales and marketing team.


Complete supply chain visibility – when fully optimized, inventory management software provides the entire operation with insight and actionable information regarding both inbound and outbound product flows – as well as the added ability to drill down into details if needed.

Quality management –Shipments can be delayed, fill rates can lag, packages can be broken. Inventory management software identifies and tracks the various issues that could occur, and through reports and analytics, provides guidance regarding the factors impacting quality.

Cost management – any product sitting on the shelf is a liability that picks away at your business’ profitability. By managing your stock requirements in real-time and increasing inventory turns, your business can make the most out of existing shelf space to improve margins.

Efficiency and customer service – optimizing your inventory processes can reduce the amount of time to replenish stock, process shipments, and serve your customers (i.e. “pick, pack, and ship”). All of these efficiency improvements are recognizes without sacrificing quality or increasing head count.