Distribution management

Responding today’s competitive distribution challenges with an effective distribution management

Distribution management

Inventory is diverse, as are customer’s demands. Just-in-time delivery is changing the traditional logistics of supply and demand. Workforce aging is a factor, too, challenging productivity and balancing payables and receivables without a hitch is more critical than ever. How can an organization gain strategic visibility — and operational control — in this environment? By mastering the supply chain.

The following challenges experienced by an organization while managing downstream supply chain:

  • Poor stock control / SCM
  • Poor job dispatch / service calls
  • Lack of mobile intelligence
  • Poor customer records
  • Increasing product return demands
  • Missed deliveries
  • Inefficient warehousing cycles

Streamline your entire downstream supply chain and a vast array of business tasks by simply taking advantage of distribution management that is reliable and will provide real time visibility of sales & inventory. This has increased the demand for high performing and efficient distribution software which enables channel management, product and pricing management, order management, secondary sales stock management, trade promotions management and claims management.

Effective and efficient distribution software empower the sales force with the tools and information required to serve the retailers while being mobile using platform. The robust product reduces time taken for on field call execution activities like order Booking, collections, sales returns and capture market feedback through surveys/ questionnaires.

Another specific feature of any reliable distribution software is its ability to integrate with any ERP software which allow the top management to get real time visibility of entire supply chain which helped them in strategy formulation.


  • Reduce inventory cost through simple yet powerful demand planning and forecasting
  • Achieve higher service levels without breaking the bank
  • Increase customer retention through excellence in order fulfillment and value added services
  • Know which products/customers are truly contributing to your growth
  • Improve your turn-and-earn ratio with accurate visibility of all inventory
  • Improve cash flow through automation and internal collaboration
  • Reduce stock out
  • Unified distribution process enabled for future changes alignment and complete compliance
  • Distribution software allows you to penetrate new markets, maintain customer loyalty, and improve your ability to serve your existing customers