Credit control

Plan, create and effectively execute your credit policy with FForce credit management software.

Credit control

Business need

Good debtor management, a structurally lower level of debtors, and credit management software go hand-in-hand. In this way you maintain cash flow and your invoices are paid on time. FForce automates the credit management process, enabling credit managers to make quicker and more accurate decisions.

Why FForce ?

  • Segmentation of your debtors
  • Automatic monitoring of outstanding invoices and actions
  • Additional actions based on customer characteristics and payment behavior
  • Recording actions and notes on debtors and invoices
  • Recording payment arrangements, monitoring and (automatically) following up

FForce credit management software gives you the information and tools you need to monitor and evaluate the creditworthiness of your customers and make informed credit decisions faster. You can balance growth with financial stability by tailoring your credit policies to your business needs and market conditions.


Faster debt recovery

FForce credit management software specialist in accounts receivable management with substantial industry experience using proven and effective techniques and systems. Switching to FForce often prompts quicker payment as this emits the signal that the account is being treated more seriously.

Better cash flow management

FForce credit management software increases cash flow through increasing recovery rates, reducing the average day’s outstanding and lowering collections costs.

Save on costs

FForce credit management software reduces administration and staff costs as we assume tasks in a specialist capacity that have previously been completed in-house.

Protection of brand image

FForce credit management software avoids uncomfortable situations with customers by shifting emphasis from chasing bad debt to early management of accounts. Customers who make regular payments are less likely to seek similar products/services elsewhere.