Stock updates

Get easy stock update on the go with FForce! Inventory tracking software

Stock updates

FForce offers mobile inventory tracking software with cloud that allows your organization to have a real time stock update of its overall inventory status with its C & F agents, Stockist, wholesalers, distributors and retailers on the move.

You just need an internet connection on any device (PC, laptop, and tablet) with any operating system (Windows, Linux, and Android) which eliminate the risk of data loss if your computer is compromised (viruses, hardware failure, disaster).


  • Track your inventory items stock by location, location group, item group, item description, item code, vendor, batch or serial number
  • Stock taking by scanning barcodes, using any mobile device (smartphone, tablet with a USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner connected) – stock-count by scanning the product code, batch code or serial number, and the shelf code (in WMS system).
  • Easily and quickly enter all documents like purchase invoices, delivery chalans, invoices, orders etc.
  • Cash received or aging reports for unpaid invoices by cost center, partner, sales agent
  • Complete price history of clients
  • Stock planning on supplier based on orders
  • The system automatically calculates, for every item, the quantity that needs to be ordered in every shop, based on stock, sales and optimal stock level.
  • Import purchases and export invoices in foreign currency
  • Set preferential prices for each customer, for any of your stock items. Reports and Charts for sales analysis, aging reports, stock aging and more
  • FForce inventory tracking software is constantly evolving, based on the requirements of our users