Returns tracking

Streamline your return-processing with FForce! Returns management software

Returns tracking

FForce returns management software provides everything you need to manage receive returned goods, send replacement goods and approve or deny claims.

FForce is a comprehensive and powerful returns management software that will reduce the time spent processing returns, replacement orders and miscellaneous credits or charges that are related to previously invoiced orders. The returns management software simplifies the entire return process and provides predictability, and delivers a consistent flow for all RMA and return operations. Detailed reports and integration to the order entry process will allow for tracking of returns from entry through billing to improve customer satisfaction.

How a user-friendly and highly powerful FForce returns management software helps

Dealing with product return and converting the experience into a lucrative opportunity is now made possible with the aid of a dependable product returns management software. With the help of this innovative and reliable system, you can now enhance your business’s operational efficiency.

FForce is high-quality product returns management software is very simple and easy to set up. There is no need to have any technical skill just to integrate it into your business website. It automates your after sales service processes, such as approving RMA cases, improving and updating findings, as well as dispositions and some other valuable administrative functions.

Satisfying customers does not really end when their purchases are completed. You still have to respond on special cases where their purchases were failures. Adopting ideal ways on how to convert customers’ return experience into an opportunity is highly essential to boost sales and still be able to generate satisfied and happy customers and convince them to purchase again.

Instead of considering product return as weaknesses for your business, you can convert this experience into a wonderful opportunity and competitive advantage. In order to do this, you just have to ensure that you are using the right and ideal product return and management software.


To retain existing customers and encourage new ones

Consumers today are very concerned about potential return complexities and are not comfortable buying from vendors that don’t have a clear return policy. Having full transparency of your return process will gain the loyalty of existing customers and the trust of new ones.

Improve office efficiency by eliminating distractions

By automating your product return procedure, employees can concentrate more on doing the work that actually makes money for the company. Dramatically minimize, if not totally eliminate time that your employees spend answering calls from customers who inquire about their returns.

Reduce costs of processing product return and lessen its impact

Returns are inevitable, that’s a fact. The only solution to this problem is to solve it in the quickest and efficient way. The least resources you spend on processing returns, the more positive your profit margin will be.

An automated returns management software serves as a ”gatekeeper”

An automated returns management system gives the vendor the ability to determine early on what products are acceptable for actual return and which ones are refused. The ability to capture, control and monitor the whole return process makes for a faster case resolution.

Automated return give vendors intelligence accessibility for performing root cause analysis

An early determination of trends and common reasons for return is a powerful tool for making critical business decisions. The immediate availability of returns data gives a vendor an early indicator of the overall quality of its products. In an ever-changing challenges of a business entity, access to this intelligence gives a decision maker the ability to make critical business adjustments faster.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from 24×7 access to product return progress and latest status by customers and vendors – PRICELESS!

“Perception is reality”

Showing customers that you have an automated merchandise return system conveys that your company is trustworthy and not just a fly-by-night store