Order booking

FForce! Order booking software

Order booking

FForce order booking software not only helps businesses but also saves a lot of time for consumers. It brings down the paper work and reduces operational costs for a business. Its efficiency highly determines the benefits it provides to the users. The traditional order booking system involved a lot of paper work and time consumption. With the introduction of smart technology and tools for booking orders, an automated order booking software has come into existence. It brings down the errors that usually occur while using a traditional order booking system. It is an effective and simple system that helps businesses as well as consumers using FForce order booking software.

With the emergence of modern technology, order booking software is now accessible on smart devices including mobiles and tablets. FForce an order booking software offers a simple way to allow businesses to help their customers to easily book orders and view the order status using backend panel. This fast, simple and easy to use system brings down operational cost for businesses.

FForce provides multi-dimensional screening and quick search for products, accurate records on sales revenue help improve order accuracy. Distribution and new product reminders will help ensure key products sell.

With FForce you can gain access to information on product prices, order balance, discounts, deposits, and transaction taxes, credit limit even when you are offline. The system will not allow your sales rep to book order if the credit limit of retailer or wholesaler crossed.

This order booking software helps you manage your products and orders in such a way that matches your platform’s workflow. The order booking gets so easy for your customers that your business can easily get word-of-mouth publicity due to easy and quick order booking facility.