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Mobile order management software

The concept of mobility solutions germinates very rapidly with the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing technology creates an unparalleled platform for organizations with enterprise mobility solutions. Cloud computing also offers a host of benefits when it comes to enterprise mobility, as now enterprises can access a wide range of information and data on mobile devices and reach their customers in a secure and effective manner.

The other benefits of cloud with mobility solution are reliability, scalability, empowerment of employees, and real time updates.


FForce mobile order management software to manage and track primary and secondary sales on the go. FForce helps in tracking the sales activities of the sales person who are on field on a real time basis. The complete order management, sales, deliveries, dispatches, distribution, product performance can be tracked and managed on a real time basis. Schemes and discounts automatically implies while the order is taken or a sales is performed. Sales person has the visibility of its productivity and performance. It removes the pen and paper work and allows companies to analyze and forecast the sales operation on a timely and productive manner.


With FForce mobile order management software a sales person can take the orders directly on the mobile or tablet device while on the field at the retailer or customer location.

While taking the order the salesman just need to capture the quantity on the basis of product code or product name and the ordered data is immediately sent to the company system on a real time basis.

Schemes and discounts are automatically applies on the items or invoice as applicable while taking the order. In case of multiple schemes customer has an option to choose the scheme as per his business.

In case the customer does not give any order, the salesman can take no order by giving the reason. This helps the company and salesman to gather data even if the shop is closed. Salesman can take the photograph while taking the order which will allow you to track the location of the sales person at the time of order or no order is captured. This helps companies to verify the visit of the sales person at the customer shop.


  • Easy data entry, no Pen-Paper entry required
  • Sales team can efficiently access and manage the information relating to their customer and the product
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce duplicity and errors
  • Real time location tracking
  • Reduce sales call cost
  • Tracks fake orders
  • Payment collection information on real time basis
  • Schemes and discounts automatically passed to the customer
  • Sales team tracking while they are on field
  • Helps in planning and forecasting