Customer @ 360

Get 360-Degree view of your customers with FForce! Customer management software

Customer @ 360

Real time tracking of interactions, purchases, sales, payment, credit limit and discover insights with FForce! Customer management software.

Track entire communication with customers

You just need an internet connection on any device (PC, laptop, and tablet) with any operating system (Windows, Linux, and Android) which eliminate the risk of data loss if your computer is compromised (viruses, hardware failure, disaster).

View customer purchase history

FForce! Customer management software. tracks every customer purchase, which allows sales teams to easily identify upsell opportunities. FForce business intelligence solution are also available for a summary view of leads and sales.

Complete customer insight

With FForce! Customer management software. your sales reps or managers can get any relevant information about any stockist, distributor, wholesaler and retailer like purchase history, payment made in the past, payment due, credit limit, schemes offered, yearly/monthly/weekly sales just with the help of few clicks. This will empower you to create customer centric strategies because one size fits all strategy is not acceptable in today’s competitive business world.


  • Reduce costs by providing a single source of clean, integrated customer data
  • Reduce time-to-market, with new products and services, by providing an accurate view of the customer’s buying patterns and product service bundles
  • Understand the customer’s opinion about the company’s products and services, and interaction with the firm.
  • Improve every interaction with access to information and insight-driven recommendations
  • Deepen relationships and remains relevant to the customer
  • Compile a customer feed to accurately measure the success of marketing campaigns, as well as allow product development teams to determine customer buying patterns through analytics
  • Increase customer satisfaction, resulting in lower churn and increased profit margins