Field Training and Recruitment


A look at today’s swift and varying business world will show that only hard work will not help the organization and its people to reach the full potential. To fulfill its mission and vision, the organization needs employees who are not only efficient in completing their work but are also positive and quick respondents to any changes that organization may have to go through to keep pace with the ever-changing external environment. Hence, modern management treats its people as resources since “assets make things occur and humans make things possible”. The company’s core competence lies in its people and its intellectual capital. Therefore acquisition, deployment, training and retention of enough skilled manpower are cutting edge for an organization. Hence this industry demands the most qualified and skilled field force available in the market; meaning, an effective recruitment and selection process plays an important part in an organization’s future success.

Field Recruitment solution, a recruitment process for Field users helps the Field HR to manage the entire recruitment process from different stages of interviews to selection process.

With dynamic business environment and ever-changing skill requirements, it becomes essential to improve employee productivity by empowering people using state-of-the-art training modules.

Field Training solution helps the Training managers to manage entire training program for field users. The training managers just needs to focus more on contents of training and result of training methodologies, rather than struggling for scheduling, management, planning and record keeping. The training managers can also check the knowledge of field users after successful completion of training which can help to retrain users if needed.