Field Service Procurement

Benefits of FForce-SPS

A new customer acquisition costs 5-25X more than making sales to an existing one. Also, considering facts, existing customers spend about 67% more than the new customers. In short, it is vital to ensure business keeps rewarding customers for continued association for products & services offered by the company.

While identifying & rewarding your right customers is vital, business also aims to manage & reward vendors with efficacy. Automating procurement process which is quite labour intensive, becomes vital on grounds of following reasons:

  • Rogue purchasing due to lack of oversight
  • Communication breakdown with varied vendors
  • Purchase office complexity & bottlenecks

Digitizing procurement process helps purchase department members to focus more on business critical activities like decision making & strategizing.

CUSTOMERS & VENDORS, most vital entities for successful running of any business

Field Service Procurement, an unanimous cloud platform for business to connect & manage their vendors and customers with efficacy & enable vendors even connect to business’ customers & help them avail services on offer.

  • Purchase Requisition
    • Receive customer requisitions for reward against budget achievement
  • Purchase Orders
    • Invite vendors for RFQ
    • Chat Facility
    • Intelligent selection of vendor & RFQ against PR using AI
    • Raise PO
  • Vendor Management
    • On-boarding
    • Maintaining
  • Purchase Invoices
    • Smart decoding of invoices using ML
    • Validation rule engine
    • Automatic parking for accounting & approvals in AP department
    • Reconciliation against Quote, proposal & actual invoice
  • Integrations
    • Account postings to legacy systems
    • Accounts Payable
  • Analytics
    • RFQ to PR
    • RFQ to PR to Vendor Invoice
    • Timely submissions of RFQ
    • Timely service enablement
    • Vendor Trend
    • Ad hoc reporting


  • Three way matching of VI with RFQ, GR and RFP
  • Proliferation of productivity in purchase department
  • Optimized reconciliation efforts for accounts department
  • Brings transparency in awarding PO
  • Improvises business relations with customers & clients