An intuitive Business Analytical tool

An intuitive Business Analytical Tool

Sales Analytics is the process used to identify, model, understand and predict sales trends and sales results while helping in the understanding of these trends and finding improvement points.

But organizations often find it difficult to predict their sales trends and employee performance. Either they need to put a lot of effort on it or come up with incomplete information resulting in inadequate sales insights.

Even the field force needs to work quite hard to know their sales while preparing their monthly sales reports and submit them to their managers which results in decrease in their productivity. Considering a scenario with 3 Field Force (FF) who has been targeted to meet 6 customers on each day resulting in meeting 18 (3 FF*6 customers) calls each day. Now at the end of the month, they are used to submit their monthly sales reports to their managers for which on an average they spend 2 days to gather their sales data and prepare reports. This results in missing those meetings to 36 calls (18 customers *2 days).

But what if they had an application that would provide them with their real time sales data saving their 2 days and able to increase their productivity to meet those customers. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Sarjen System’s Field Sales Information System (FSIS) exactly does that. It is an intuitive analytical interface that renders actionable insights swiftly across all Android and IOS devices. It is a business application that changes raw business data into interactive graphics, designed for mobile devices. It allows the sales team to share valuable sales insights with full access control to keep the team always data focused. It’s a complete mobility solution designed and built to deliver the richest experience of data for mobile users.

FSIS generates graphs and charts that gives the sales team real time information of the sales happening on the field. It keeps them informed and motivates them to focus on the target that they need to achieve. Sales Team can have various sales information like:

  • Territory wise Sales Achievement
  • Customer Sales Trend
  • Product Performance
  • Brand Contribution
  • Team Achievement
  • Brand Sales Trend
  • Territory Contribution
  • Primary vs Secondary Sales
  • Secondary Stock
  • Growth contributors
  • Sales Snapshot

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