World’s oldest pharma and chemical company trusted FForce with its huge data

Client background

Our client is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company dealing in healthcare, life science and performance material. Approximately 50000 human resources employed and working towards enhancing the wellbeing and health strata of the people around the world by developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease. It evolves in the manufacturing of medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies and animal products and aspiring to being the best healthcare company in the world, and are dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow.

At a glance

Through this business case we want to display the complexities, solution offered and outcome derived after implementing FForce for its OTC segment.

  • 150000 retail outlets
  • 250 medical representatives

Business complexities

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the complex and toughest industry due to the intense competition, arrival of new entrants, changing market dynamics, multiple regulatory guide lines, rapidly reducing patent tenure and intricate distribution network.

Earlier our client was following traditional distribution pattern in which they mostly relied on CFA & stockist for more market penetration, retail visibility, tracking competitor’s activity and effective execution of sales scheme and promotion activities. Hence face many intricacies like:

  • Unable to capture secondary sales
  • Long replenishment cycle
  • Delay in time-to-market
  • Decreasing loyalty level of stockists
  • Having no visibility about inventory
  • Assumption based demand planning
  • Unable to proper execute sales promotional activity
  • Unable to track real time competitor’s activity
  • Error prone, unsecure and decentralized manual system
  • Unable to produce desired reports
  • Delay in payment recovery cycle
  • Unable to track medical reps activity

So they decided to upgrade with FForce- smart field sales excellence platform with cloud mobility and SAAS, which is one stop solution for all marketing, sales and distribution related requirements.

Business outcome after up gradation

FForce- sales force automation software helped our client to eliminate paper based manual processes and streamline and automate the sales cycle with its various solutions exist under SFA module like:

1. Effective beat planning

With FForce now the medical reps can directly visit the retail pharmacies/outlet comes under his or her beat/territory and can do:

  • Stock audit
  • Instant book orders
  • Manage share of shelf
  • Execute available sales scheme
  • Manage branding and display
  • Credit control with purchase history
2. Capture secondary sales

FForce empowers our client to capture real time secondary sales which provide them complete visibility of consolidated sales (Primary & secondary), target v/s actual, effective demand forecasting, inventory optimization and achieving just-in-time delivery.

3. Customer profile management

FForce provide powerful, personalized contact management software which help them to keep contact details, including emails, phone numbers, documents shared, and social media updates, buying behavior, purchase history and next follow-up date, in one organized place so they have a comprehensive view of each customer and can plan activities accordingly.

4. Interoperability with legacy ERP

The biggest benefit of FForce is its interoperability with any legacy ERP system which helped our client to fetch real time secondary sales data into their core system which brought complete visibility to the top management and help them in strategy formulation.

5. Multiple ready to produce report

FForce offered our client the ability to create multiple reports like sales individual/team/territory/region/stockist / product/country wise/tenure wise with ease which enhance productivity, efficiency and transparency.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduce replenishment cycle
  • Eliminate stock out/wastages/shortages
  • Speed up payment recovery
  • Effective use of shelf space, branding and display
  • Effective execution of sales scheme and promotion activities
  • Customize offers due to better understanding of customers
  • Ability to capture real time customer feedback and track competitor’s activity
  • Accurate demand planning & resource optimization
  • Reduce attrition rate
  • Enhance brand visibility

Are you ready to upgrade?

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