Well-Known food and beverage firm boosts lead by 63%

Client background

Known for its taste, innovation and quality and leading the segment since more than six decades our client is most loved Indian brand of Ice cream industry. Practicing its three core values “Achhai, Schhai and Safai” it has very strong network in western part of India.

  • 20,000 + outlets across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
  • 300 + Super distributors
  • 500 + field staff
  • 160 + products

Business complexities

  • Unable to track and mange secondary sales
  • Long replenishment cycle due to manual approach
  • Assumptions based forecasting
  • Stock out
  • Desperate sales data
  • Poor production planning
  • Delayed receivables
  • Ineffective scheme management
  • Integration of two different systems

To address these above mentioned complexities, our client adopted FForce! Web based sales force automation software with cloud mobility and SAAS is a powerful solution that increases sales win rates, reduces the sales cycle duration, enhances field force productivity and improves revenue to our client.

Mobile order management

The prime job of field force is order booking with order booking bit plan, stock take, collection management and purchase history, managing share-of- shelf and management of branding materials like posters, danglers and back lit boards etc. are the associated task that the field staff needs to take care.

FForce has been designed especially after considering all required field tasks and enables our client to smoothly and effectively operate their daily jobs. The field staff either company owned or distributors goes on the field, notes down the order using his handheld device. The information is relayed instantaneously to the company’s central warehouse or area distribution centers, kickstarting the process of dispatch of goods to the retailer, possibly even before the sales agent has left the said store. This eliminates errors and delays and shorten the replenishment cycle.

As the field staff needs to connect far remote areas so connectivity could be the biggest barrier in smooth functioning of his daily tasks but FForce allows field force to book orders offline mode also and then it will automatically forwarded to the company warehouse or distributor once connectivity is back.

Secondary sales management

Major portion of its sales occurs through small stores spread over a large geography. Effectively reach out to these stores and managing the shelf space was challenging task. Effective measurement of secondary sales is indispensable for accurate demand forecasting and optimum production planning.

FForce provide our client a single platform which empowers them to conduct all above mentioned complex tasks efficiently and streamline all secondary sales related tasks.

Real time sales analytics

Accurate and real-time information on secondary sales order, billing, sales return, payment collection across the distribution channel FForce empowers implementation of measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track sales & performance based on region, area, sales person, SKUs, brand, etc. and provides item wise, retailer wise, sales person, distributor wise … sales analysis . This helps in comparison of budget v/s actual sales and take necessary steps accordingly.

Inventory management

As our client is dealing in perishable food items and having huge product portfolio, so poor inventory management could lead into stock outs, wastages and wrong dispatch.

With FForce now our client can centrally manage its inventories in whole supply chain system. FForce helps to manage an unlimited number of products with detailed master information – grouped and classified in tree form by brands, categories etc. You can either attach product images to masters and use them for deliveries, billing etc. or use product codes.

Auto SKU generation based on product attributes like colour, batches, manufacturing date, expiry date and size are also possible. The software also takes care of multiple units of measure including conversion factorskilos, litres etc. and multiple locations of inventory and retailing such as warehouses, godowns and outlets.

Scheme management

Effective management of sales promotional schemes plays very important role in driving sales. Companies strategically formulate various lofty schemes to stimulate its buyers to buy more instantly but the implementation part depends on distributors who sometime do not pass it to the end consumers for their own profit.

FForce eliminate this because it automates the whole process like define schemes with all parameters including products, brands, categories, routes/beats, customers and periods to which they should apply. Once defined, the scheme automatically applies in billing, generation of load charts, inventory etc.

Seamless integration with any ERP

The biggest competitive advantage offered by FForce – sales force automation software is its extensive integration with SAP. FForce is highly flexible and capable enough to integrate with other legacy ERP systems either with the help of middleware or staging software and allow you to convert data in any format as per your need. Earlier it was very difficult for our client to capture these real time informations but FForce made it very simple and quick.

Reasons to upgrade

  • Quick order booking
  • Instant stock check
  • Deliver orders faster
  • Easy order tracking
  • Capture lost sales
  • Secured and fast collection
  • Salesman insights
  • Complete purchase history
  • Real time market feedback
  • Automate promotional schemes
  • Optimum inventory management
  • Easy & Fast Billing
  • Complete paper trails
  • Easily do taxes
  • Multiple sales report
  • Ready to produce sales analytics
  • Budget v/s actual sales
  • Seamless integration

Are you ready to upgrade?

Contact us if you’d like assistance with an upgrade or if you want to learn more about the new features and system requirements.