Unification of marketing and awareness with FForce


Company background

Our client is a dynamic, rapidly growing pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bangalore, endeavoring to provide a better quality of life for the masses and thus, build a better and healthier India. It is known for introducing many ‘firsts’ in the Indian Pharmaceutical markets and is presently a trendsetter in many therapy areas. Its portfolio includes 72+ products in 8+ therapeutic categories, specialized in Orthopedic, Gynecologic, General Health, Pediatric & Gastroenterology segments, with an approach to innovation in manufacturing, marketing, and management systems.

Business situation

Pharmaceutical players aggressively sponsor free medical camps in which medical practitioners provide free health check-ups and educate the masses about the various diseases. Pharmaceutical companies have taken this opportunity for brand promotion and recall. Free health camps and patients awareness programme bring medical practitioners, chemists and mass patients together, perfect place to showcase or strengthen brand presence for Pharmaceutical players. Successfully conducting these health camps require investment of time, effort and money so it is imperative for the Pharma companies to calculate the ROI for each health camp and awareness programme. Earlier our client used to use manual ways to plan, implement and measure the result of each campaign, was error prone and skeptical.

Business complexities

  • Different data silos in various formats of excel sheets
  • Lack of transparency, accountability and control
  • Error prone, fraudulent and time consuming
  • Lack of coordination and team work
  • Lack of effective planning and discipline among sales managers, sales officers and technicians
  • Unable to calculate proper return on investment
  • Unable to produce dynamic real time reports
  • Unable to track daily performance of technicians

Solution overview

Hence our client decided to automate the whole process and approached our business technology consultants, and deciphered their requirements in brief. Our expert business technology consultants delved into the actual scenario and pain areas and developed a specific and customized solution for managing free health camp activities.

This specific and customized solution automated the whole process of planning, implementation and measure the ROI of these free health camps. Now all the sales managers can effectively plan free health check-up camp for their respective area and allocate financial and human resources according to that. This centralized solution allow the technicians to maintain their daily activity and expenses. The medical reps can upload and store the patient’s database in the central repository for further use. Now the top management can easily get the real time data like total expenditure on all camps, how many patients visited these camps, how many chemists visited, value and volume of spot order placed and many more?

Benefits derived

  • Enhanced transparency, accountability and control
  • Centralized and cost effective solution
  • Easy to plan, approve, implement and measure
  • Improved co-ordination between teams and productivity
  • Better allocation and utilization of resources
  • Provided eagles eye view to the top management
  • Enhanced brand presence and goodwill
  • Ability to produce various reports and all these on the go

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