Prospect intelligence integrated in a digital solution

Prospect intelligence integrated in a digital solution

Client profile

Our client is India’s and amongst the world’s, largest IVF specialty clinics chain with 100+ centers across the country supported by a passionate workforce of over 2200+ people. Rendering multiple services such as Laparoscopy, Fetoscopy and infertility treatment; our client had achieved higher milestones in the field of “In Vitro Fertilization”.

Business situation

As a reputable organization, the marketing for them has always been a key to keep up with the continuous high revenues. Their services are commercialized on various platforms and to begin with it is a chain joining personnel, doctors, and patients to culminate a marketing approach under a digital assistance which is open for adjoining with other systems. Lead generation being the most important aspect, they have been cumulating the data and trends since years manually.

Business complexities at a glance

  • Manual lead tracking
  • Loss of information on leads
  • No referral management
  • Poor data insights and hence the predictability
  • Inaccurate calculation of generated leads

As this scenario came into light, our client deliberated to redesign their workflow in their existing system through smooth integration of processes and data with our deliverables.

Solution overview

A valuable integration approach is executed in the SFA by our professional team after analysing the problem statement to overcome the challenges faced in capturing and spotting the trends of incoming leads. An easy to use, creative and interactive platform to facilitate the requirements of a sales centred organisation followed by a budget fitting cost is manufactured by us. The best part is every data and information revolving around a lead is captured with a consequent insight incorporated in dashboards and reports. The referral management and personnel

focussed flow adds the value to the integration strategy plan of SFA. The process is very convenient and efficient to follow which can generate, predict, and help in gather leads for the sales team. An organisation can have a clear picture of the incoming leads and plan a systematic marketing approach to boost growth and revenues.

FForce puts forward various functions for the client’s ease to manage leads as follows:

  • Lead generation available anytime and anywhere
  • Lead status tracker
  • Referral management
  • Monitoring the sales force
  • Omnichannel notifications of lead for sales team
  • Dashboard
  • Precise Analytics
  • Reports
  • Integration friendly

Benefits derived

  • Prospect projections
  • Strategy to focus on business giving referrals
  • Transparency on lead information
  • Cost effective and a smooth user experience
  • No loss of data in integration with 3rd party platforms
  • Dashboard of lead conversions, landings give a top view of the movements going on in sales
  • Better market plan to generate maximum leads in turn strengthening brand value and easy retentions

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