Progressive leads in Business decisions with mobile sales analytics tool

Company background

Pharmed Limited is a dynamic and rapidly growing pharmaceutical company, where its constant endeavor is to help people lead healthier and happier life. Pharmed Ltd. can take a great pride in making many first inroads in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market and is presently a trendsetter in many therapy areas. It has been first to introduce many new formulations to the Indian market.

Business situation

Pharmed Ltd. has been using an ERP system as well as SFA system by Sarjen successfully since many years. Both the systems provided complete information to all the users of the system. But, our client realized to cultivate a data-driven culture by sharing the right performance indicators and business metrics with sales team to thrive in this intense competitive world which could increase the productivity of the Field Force by focusing on meeting customers.

Hence, Sarjen came up with a solution of a mobile application that shows real time sales information to a field force as well as to all his managers. FSIS application reduces the access time for the field force / managers and provides real time sales information based on various combinations that can be used for various business decisions ultimately increasing the productivity of the users which gets more time to meet customers.


FForce – FSIS, an information system for field sales executive to access and analyze their own sales on mobile devices on the go.

It uses data mining and advanced analytics toolset to provide sales analytics to line managers based on cumulative sales done under his territories.

It is available on both Android (Smartphones and Tablets) as well as IOS (iPADs and iPhone).

  • Allow field forces, managers, and company to measure and manage targets and goals
  • Keep the right people within an organization kept up-to-date with business KPI performance
  • Intuitive snapshot of performance against goals
  • Collate all sales data viz. Primary Sales, Secondary Sales, Secondary Stock as well as Stock Out details conveniently in one place – no need for over complex, unreliable spread sheets
  • Transparency of performance at all levels
  • 24 * 7 Access anywhere
  • Highlight organisational weakness and set sales targets to improve performance
  • Gain a competitive advantage

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