Oldest and eminent pharma firm overcomes traditional manual approach

Client background

A leading science and technology company dealing in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Committed to raise the health and wellbeing strata of the people around the world by developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease. It is world’s oldest pharmaceutical manufacturing company developing innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies and animal products and aspiring to being the best healthcare company in the world, and are dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow.

At a glance

  • 1500 + field staff users
  • 30000 + Retailers/Chemists
  • 28 + CFA
  • 300 + stockist

Business complexities

In this age of intense competition, myriad patents and pricing structure, our client was under immense pressure to build stronger relationships with the doctors to boost prescription of share, push OTC sales, need to reduce cost and improve quality. Earlier most of the system for managing field force or sales processes was manual or paper based so they were facing many complexities like:

  • How to segment physicians based on influence and RX habits?
  • How to segment chemists & hospitals based on consumption potential & growth prospect?
  • How to achieve optimum inventory level?
  • How to ensure optimum utilization of samples?
  • How to optimize travel plans for sales teams?
  • How to reduce training costs?
  • How to prevent high attrition rate?
  • How to streamline the sales process?
  • How to achieve effective leave management?
  • How to record competitor move to build business intelligence?
  • How to track and prioritize complaints, including medical defects?
  • How to provide real-time insights to the top management?

To address these above mentioned complexities, our client adopted FForce! Web based sales force automation software with cloud mobility and SAAS is a powerful solution that help you to increases sales win rates, reduces the sales cycle duration, enhances field force productivity and improves revenue to our client.

Business solutions

FForce- sales force automation software helped our client to eliminate paper based manual processes and streamline and automate the sales cycle with its various solutions exist under SFA module like:

  1. Tour plan (TP) module
    • Daily/monthly master tour plan
    • Monthly tour plan approval & deviations
    • Daily sales planning
    • Joint call planning
    • Tour plan based daily calls report
  2. Daily calls report
    • Product detailing/sampling customer wise
    • Promotional gifts distribution customer wise
    • Tracking and recording competitors move in the market
    • RCPA updations
  3. Expense management
    • Auto expense generation based on DCR
    • Expense control and approval
    • Custom expense reports – Region wise/team wise/ individually
  4. Leave management
    • Manage employee absence
    • Calculate leave accruals
    • Get track of productive working days
    • Integrate leave with calendars and all other applications
    • See who is on leave in just one click
    • Retrieve leave data for payrolls quickly
  5. Product quiz
    • Generate Q & A from HO
    • Automatic periodic quiz to field force
    • Consolidate quiz results
    • Multiple question bank
  6. Hierarchy management
    • Clearly defined organizational structure
    • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  7. Inventory management
    • Share inventory information instantly
    • With real-time sales invoicing, shipping, order procuring, etc., inventory gets updated automatically
    • Flash real-time reports on inventory counts to all orders, sales, invoices and other areas of sales
    • Instant alert or automatic notification on low stocks
    • Provide complete visibility to all users
  8. Contact management
    • Segment your physicians/chemist in various group
    • Complete details with emails and document shared
    • Complete purchase and billing history of each customer
  9. Reports and dashboard
    • Custom reports determining the performance of the sales reps
    • Produce a consolidated picture of organizational performance
    • Budgeted v/s actual sales
    • Identify priority customers and hot products

Reasons to upgrade

  • Achieve extreme level of productivity, accuracy and closure
  • Reduce administrative cost
  • Easy, centralized tracking of customer information
  • Avoids bad scheduling
  • Accurate and timely information on competition and market trends to the top management
  • Easy and fast sales report generation
  • Accurate demand forecasting
  • Reduce the gap between targeted and actual sales
  • Achieve optimum use of resources
  • Reduce the attrition rate
  • Effective communication between top level management to front line field force
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand value

Are you ready to upgrade?

Contact us if you’d like assistance with an upgrade or if you want to learn more about the new features and system requirements.