Metrics Precision in audience’s content engagement

Client profile

Our client is amongst the largest healthcare services groups in Asia, providing world-class distribution, digital and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in the region and making healthcare more accessible is their main purpose. Their aim includes accomplishing sales excellence by training their sales force for an efficient platform to create personalized engagement with customers and increase revenues through offline and digital plan of actions.

Business situation

The organization is marketing partner of leading pharmaceutical firms which makes promoting and commercializing a crucial and profiting sector for them. Every strategy is crafted and pulled off by the expertise and choosing the right SFA platform is the key. Coming to the digital marketing, emails are the most popular technique to interpret the audience’s behavior, but it cannot be concluded by analyzing just the unique opens and sends because it still has vague information about the audience’s action as a recipient.

Business complexities at a glance

  • Incomplete idea of audience’s interaction
  • Hidden high end performance of personnel
  • Inability of content engagement
  • Undermined metrics and analytics of clicks
As this scenario came into light, our client deliberated to add an approach to this workflow in their existing system to make their content engagement specific, personalized and user friendly for better customer’s response.

Solution overview

A value addition to complete the circle is introduced by our professional experts to resolve the incompleteness of the approach and increased functional capability by connecting the end of click through rate logic. This determines the percentage of people who have clicked on the hyperlink embedded on any multi-media content Calculating the rate of clicks by emails sent and removing the bounced gives the precise and granular metrics. FForce puts forward various functions to gauge the performance of email engagement:
  • Link Placement
  • Personalized email templates
  • Multi-media content sharing
  • Device Compatibility
  • Link Count
  • Stand Alone Reports
  • Territory wise reports
  • Analytics of CTR metrics

Benefits derived

  • CTR for varied links
  • Optimization for all device types got impressive click through rates
  • Easy access to the metrics
  • Calculated percentage formula of engagement

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