How a pharmaceutical company digitized its manual camps’ process?


Company background

Headquartered in Ahmedabad (India), providing wide range of formulations since three decades to meet the needs of ailing humanity, has become a force to reckon with in the global Pharma horizon. With expertise in the range of formulations, from Tablets to Injectable to Newer Drug Delivery systems, our client is currently ranked 16th amongst the Indian Pharma majors. A variety of initiatives in Research and Development (R & D), Patents and ANDA filing, NDDS, Quality manufacturing support, along with approvals from regulatory authorities of many countries has made it a global healthcare provider.

Business situation

Life style diseases are on the rise globally especially in India. According to World Health Organization (WHO) report 8 out of 10 deaths in India, are due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and hypertension. With rapid economic development and urbanization and adopting to western culture the lifestyle diseases incidences have reached to alarming proportions.

The main problem seen among Indians was the lack of awareness about having regular health check-ups. Given the current lifestyles and changing environment it is important for people to undergo regular health check-ups.

Many Pharmaceutical companies organize free health check-up camps and patients awareness programme in rural and urban India. Pharma players sponsor medical practitioners to conduct these free camps and provide free samples and leaflets providing simple to understand information about the disease and disease management. The objectives of these camps and patient education programs are to develop goodwill amongst doctors thereby developing favorable opinion about the brand hence facilitating better brand recall and business.

Hence Pharma players invest their valuable time, effort and money, hence measuring the return on investment of each campaign is imperative. As our client was following manual methods,was inept generate lot of complexities.

Business complexities

  • Desperate data sets in various formats of excel sheets
  • Error prone, fraudulent and time consuming
  • Lack of coordination and team work
  • Lack of transparency, accountability and control
  • Lack of effective planning and discipline among sales managers, sales officers and technicians
  • Unable to produce dynamic real time reports
  • Unable to track daily performance of technicians
  • Unable to calculate proper return on investment

Solution overview

Our client consulted with our expert business technology consultants (BTC) for automating the whole process. Our experience BTC team scrutinized and analyzed the actual on ground scenario and developed dedicated module for managing free health camps and patients awareness programme.

This dedicated module for managing camps provide our client a centralized platform where all the sales managers can effectively plan for the health camps, allocate resources, track daily activity of technicians, their expenses, upload patients database, chemists database and many more.

Benefits derived

  • Enhanced transparency, accountability and control
  • Centralized and cost effective solution
  • Easy to plan, approve, implement and measure
  • Improved co-ordination between teams and productivity
  • Better allocation and utilization of resources
  • Provided eagles eye view to the top management
  • Enhanced brand presence and goodwill
  • Ability to produce various reports and all these on the go

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