How a pharma firm captured customer’s spotlight with e-Detailing


Industry background

Leading vertically integrated global pharmaceutical formulation, development, manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in India. It has a presence in cardiovascular systems (CVS), diabetology, gynecology, pain management, as well as other therapeutic segments.

It commercialized in 11 biologic products and continues its R&D efforts in chronic disease area such as Oncology (cancer), Rheumatology, Auto-immune, Nephrology, ophthalmology and plasma derived product based therap

Business situation

Initially they were relying on traditional methods only. Had a huge team of medical reps responsible for detailing about the newly launched drug to the physicians, doctors and establishing bonding with them to increase share of prescriptions or sale of their drugs.

On the contrary side physicians, doctors were struggling to find time to meet the medical representatives of various companies for being aware about the ongoing developments due to the increasing no. of patients in the queue.

Business complexities at a glance

  • Need to wait for long hours to find small window from doctor/physician
  • Struggle to get sufficient time to brief in detail
  • Need to carry huge burden of documents
  • Paper based content in traditional format
  • Need of huge work force
  • Costly and time consuming
  • Unable to track and control MR’s detailing
  • High attrition rate

So our client realized that to excel in this highly competitive digital era it needs to redesign its traditional detailing approach.

Solution overview

Our expert team identified all the pain areas and developed and offered them a smart solution called FForce eDetailing. FForce eDetailing transformed the age old approach of traditional detailing and empower them to present their products effectively. Now the medical representative does not require to carry huge burden of dossiers, sample of drugs, gifts and wait for hours.

With FForce eDetailing they just need to carry their Ipads, Tablets or Laptops loaded with multimedia presentations, videos, catalogues in the form of PDF, info graphics and visit prefixed appointments.

FForce eDetailing also offers our clients various add-ons like:

  • Doctors/products profile management
  • Tour plan, DCR submission
  • Expense submission
  • Inclinic briefing
  • Sample order booking
  • Quiz for keeping the MR’s updated

Benefits derived

  • Eliminate time/cost/effort
  • Zero-time delivery of promotional material with full control
  • Doctors, Physicians segmentation based on their market presence and working area
  • Ability to track in clinic briefing
  • Customized, targeted and more effective presentations
  • Easier follow-up and leads
  • Self-guided e-detailing, when the doctor is available
  • Boost brand presence

Are you ready to upgrade?

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