Generate loyalty and make customer’s experience smoother

Client profile

Our client is a leading ice-cream brand established since 1944 and is a part of one of the largest confectionary producers in world. Being the most loved ice-creams of the nation, they also have the collaborations with giants. Their presence is around the nation with 72,000 retail outlets and over 200 flagship stores and the network spans across 18 states and 5 union territories.

Business situation

Being the most accessible brand, they have been producing 4 million liters of ice cream in a single day. For more than 2 decades the business is serving their customers high quality product through many retail outlets. Every retail outlet is also provided signages for branding and assets for keeping the products fresh and intact. The transaction of the services through their executives is huge and is maintained by a digital system. As the company is driven by high customer satisfaction, the complaint regarding any service or asset needs to have a quick turnaround time.

Business complexities at a glance

  • Manual complaint management
  • No track of complaints received and resolved
  • Tedious handling
  • Unable to trace the turnaround time

Our experts suggested to implement the analytical solution which addresses the digital functional approach to upgrade ongoing workflow and perfectly fits into a multichannel operating organization.

Solution overview

To meet with the requirements, we came up to the standard to facilitate a stand-alone platform which manages the complaint workflow in the system. This functionality manages asset, vendors, services, resolutions, rates, and complaint assignment. Complaints can be registered using multiple modes and it will be routed in this module. Meanwhile, users can receive, respond and resolve the complaints using the dynamic workflow where interface is provided user and role specific. An interactive dashboard presents the trends and relationships of complaint data received in the organization. In addition to this, reports of every data fed into system is also handy and easy to extract which defines the transparency. Updates at every stage of complaint is received by user which enables them to track the request and provide the insights.

Benefits derived

  • User Management
  • Asset and Rate Management
  • User specific complaint assignment
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Complaint status analytics
  • Email Updates
  • Detailed workflow to handle complaints
  • Hidden Insight
  • Integration friendly
  • Approval matrix