Established Asian organization elevates their revenues with SFA


Industry Background

Established in 1922, our client is the leading healthcare services provider in Asia with operations in 13 countries. The company provides targeted solutions including distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trial materials, sales and marketing outsourcing, patient-centered programs, and a full range of retail pharmacy services. Through this broad range of innovative tailored services, the company’s objective is to help healthcare companies capture and realize the full market potential of the dynamic healthcare markets in Asia. Privately held and headquartered in Singapore, our client’s employs 10,000 people and serves over 290,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics across Asia.

Business situation

As it has mammoth list of customers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics) across Asia and deals in many areas like distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical trial materials, sales and marketing outsourcing, patient-centered programs, and a full range of retail pharmacy services with hundreds of products. So it is a complex task to keep all the records like total customers, types of customers, area of working, market influence, value of prescription, brands they are associating with and many more.

Earlier they used to use hybrid based solutions like manually or with spread sheets but these hybrid systems were unable to identify which product suits which customers along with many business complexities like:

Business complexities

  • Scattered data base in different data silos
  • Lack of security, transparency and control
  • Huge time, cost and effort required
  • Unable to identify potential customers
  • Poor results deriving from marketing activities
  • Unable to track the market movement and development
  • Unable to provide holistic view of all the data
  • Unable to design customized marketing strategies

Solution overview

Hence our client decided to upgrade its existing hybrid based system and approached our business technology consultants with their requirements and pain areas. Our young expert team scrutinize and understood their overall requirements and developed customized contact management software.

FForce-contact management software automate the whole process and allow our client, centralized platform to keep all the customers record electronically. FForce contact management software comes with ability of market segmentation, targeting and positioning (ST&P). Now our client not only can keep the customers record but with customers record they can keep all required information like customer type, area of working, market influence, value of prescription, association with brands, prescription history, communication history etc. for market segmentation, targeting and positioning. Now our client can easily segment the customers and effectively draw its custom marketing activities specific for various brands.

Benefits derived

  • Brings security, transparency and control
  • Helps to understand the customer need
  • To adopt effective positioning strategies
  • Proper allocation of marketing budget
  • Helps in preparing better competitive strategy
  • Different offerings in different segments enhance the sales
  • Customer gets more customized products
  • Helps company to identify the niche market
  • Explore opportunity for market penetration and development
  • Ability to produce various reports
  • Smooth integration with SAP, SFA and SCM

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