Better and faster business decisions with real time sales insights

Industry Background

Our client is a privately owned Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology group headquartered in Goa, India. It engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of formulation products ranging from antibiotics and gastro-intestinal products, to products for skin care, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s been successfully operating since 40 years and reached over 100000 doctors and millions of patients across Asia, Africa and South America.

Business situation

It has huge portfolio of branded generics over 120 products in different pack size and huge team of sales to market these products. To keep the sales team motivated and data focused earlier our client was depend on manually drawn sales key performance indicators (KPI’s). But realized that to excel in this global, digital and fast paced market they need dynamic real time next level KPI’s, and with hybrid systems like spreadsheets that was not possible.

Business complexities

They had no central data base and every representative kept their own individual records. As employees came and went, that would be placed in a position where by no sales history or activity logs were available. Its incapability to integrate with any legacy ERP system, time consuming, and error prone was few of the major pain ares.

So our client realized to cultivate a data-driven culture by sharing the right performance indicators and business metrics with sales team to thrive in this intense competitive world.

Solution overview

In today’s ultra-competitive business eco-system to keep the sales team on the top of the game our client decided not to rely on excel spreadsheets. Hence our client decided to upgrade its existing hybrid based system and approached our business technology consultants with their requirements and pain areas. Our young expert team scrutinize and understood their overall requirements and developed field sales information system (FSIS).

The ability of FSIS to seamlessly integrate with any ERP, SFA, and Distribution software allowed our client to fetch real time next level data in the form of multiple reports like:

  • Sales country / zone/ state/ territory/team/individual/product wise
  • Customer lifetime value/ customer profitability
  • Average annual sales per customer
  • Forecast v/s actual quota accomplishment
  • Most selling products/Lowest selling products
  • Performance of various schemes
  • Percentage of sales growth
  • Calls turns into opportunities
  • Opportunities turns into wins
  • Customer complaint increased /decreased
  • Many more…………………

FSIS is easy to setup and simple to implement empowered our client to instantly share these real time business insights with sales team on the go and enhanced their level of motivation and productivity. FSIS also offered dynamic dashboard which our client could design as per their requirement and priority.

Benefits derived

  • Allow users, managers and company to measure and manage targets and goals
  • Keep the right people within an organization kept up-to-date with business KPI performance
  • Intuitive snapshot of performance against goals
  • Collate all KPI data conveniently in one place – no need for over complex, unreliable spread sheets
  • Supports multi-site/locations/departments for a view of the whole organization
  • Transparency of performance at all levels
  • Online access anytime anywhere
  • Highlight organisational weakness and set KPIs to improve performance
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Are you ready to upgrade?

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