An award winning client of ours created ideal sale automation with FForce


Company background

Specialized in the manufacture of standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals, organic ingredients and nutraceutical ingredients for leading dietary / food supplement manufacturers around the world. It is one of the largest manufacturer of Garcinia cambogia extract globally.

Its state-of-the-art instrumentation combined with qualified technical staff assures quality and consistency in every batch of the product delivered.

Their commitment to superior product quality, on time delivery, pricing, and technical service allowed them to receive export excellence award from Government of India.

Business situation

Field Force is a company’s most expensive promotional resource. Continued pharmaceutical MR (Medical Representatives) growth has resulted in increasingly aggressive promotion to physicians, reducing the average duration of detailing visits and weaken share of voice with the physician. Changes in Doctor’s information needs across a product’s lifecycle have resulted in requirements for more responsive and flexible promotional efforts.

Increased competition, fragmented leads data, longer sales cycles and expanding sales force together can be a dreadful plight. The more effort you put to get sales, the more likely you are to feel frustrated by reduced productivity. Hence our client decided to upgrade its field force by equipping them with Sales Force Automation (SFA) software.

Business complexities

  • Which stores should I visit and when?
  • What tasks should I complete in specific stores: order, merchandising, shelf data capturing, etc.?
  • What products/promotions should I offer in specific stores?
  • Which of the distributors should I forward my collected order to?
  • What is the level of ordered products at the distributor’s warehouse?
  • What is the relationship history with the shop?
  • What is my product presence like in the store?
  • What POSM should I distribute to a specific store?
  • What are my sales targets?

Solution overview

Finally after a long evaluation process our client decided to adopt FForce. FForce has been specially designed focuses on the life of a sales representatives working in FMCG, CPG or Pharmaceutical industry. We capture the steps the sales reps needs to go through in a typical working day like bit plan, outlets visit, order booking, stock audit, managing share of shelf etc. and automate these necessary daily tasks which improve effectiveness and efficiency. FForce provided the sales team, complete customer view that is shared with support and marketing in real time, so they can track and optimize their pipeline and ultimately close more deals.

Benefits derived

  • Automation of non-selling activities improves productivity
  • Data integration and connectivity – on the go…
  • Tracking of field force movement through geocoding validation
  • Better market execution and retailer impact
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Better width and depth of distribution
  • Better user acceptance
  • Lesser training cost
  • Better and faster decision support system
  • Lower administrative and IT cost
  • Lower attrition rate
  • More satisfied customers
  • Enhanced brand value

Are you ready to upgrade?

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